Release History

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Testing Framework 2013.21210

December 9, 2013

What's Fixed:

Dialog Handling: SaveFile dialog for WPF is not handled 
Dialog Handling: Handle download dialog step fails in IE 10
Dialog Handling: Logon dialog handle sometimes times out in IE 
Framework: TS installs Newtonsoft.Json.dll in the GAC which breaks customer application
Framework Browsers: GetComputedStyleValue doesn't have a consistent behavior in all browsers
Framework Chrome: Chrome v30 frames failure
Framework Chrome: Chrome v31 fails to deal with https sites
Framework Firefox: Handling Firefox dialogs timeout issues (supporting FF 24 and 25 specifics)
Framework Firefox: Drag drop step fails in FF
Framework Firefox: SimulateRealTyping failing in data bound test on Firefox
Framework Internet Explorer: Cannot perform a click in IE in a specific customer application
Framework WPF: Memory leak in a console application which uses Telerik Testing Framework to automate WPF application
Framework HTML: Ampersand is not decoded in element TextContent or InnerText
Framework: DisableDialogMonitoring is not respected by settings configuration handler