Release History

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Testing Framework 2012.2920

September 19, 2012

NEW: Browser Configuration is automated. Exposed Manager.ConfigureBrowser(type, forceShutDown); as well as Manager.GetBrowserConfigurationStatus(type); public methods.

Breaking Changes in the API:

- New: The Chrome extension can handle frames with non html source. [Bug #141195, PITS #9096]
- Fixed manual navigation in the browser may fail to load the page with the extension enabled.
- Fixed test scenario not connecting to popup. [Bug #161542]

- New: SL automation supports in-browser elevated trust applications not only using localhost URL. [Bug #160996, PITS #12044]
- Fixed problems with Silverlight Child Windows set to Right-to-Left flow. [Bug #160886, PITS #12032]
- Fixed clicking at wrong location for RadMenuItem contained in RTL popup. [Bug #163279, PITS #12464]

- Fixed ActiveApplication.Windows not properly updated. [Bug #160884, PITS #12031]
- Fixed "Unable to find the element of type: gridviewcell" error scenarios. [Bug #163525, Bug #162221]

Dialog Handling:
- NEW: Added InitializeTime property for all dialogs handling. This is useful in scenario where the dialog is about to be handled although not initialized yet. [Bug #155350]
- NEW: Added support for FF16 (Beta) dialogs.