Release History

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Testing Framework 2012.21204

December 3, 2012

- NEW: Enhanced jQuery namespace with a jQuery wrapper of the HtmlControl as well as jQueryEventsObject. One can trigger a jQuery event from the API like this: myHtmlControl.AsJQueryControl().InvokeJQueryEvent(ArtOfTest.WebAii.jQuery.jQueryControl.jQueryControlEvents.change);

- Fixed GetComputedStyleValue() does not work in FireFox. [Bug #163709, PITS #12530]
- Fixed frame identification failing in Firefox. [Bug #167512, #168041, PITS #12953, #13041]
- Fixed Confirm dialog not handled in FF. [Bug #164433, PITS #12642] 
- Fixed NullReference exception in HtmlControl.IsVisible. [Bug #166741]
- Fixed Click on a button that closes pop-up window failure in Firefox. [Bug #164424]

Chrome & Safari:
- Fixed HtmlControl.InvokeEvent using "dragstart" results in Timed out waiting for command to be handled. [Bug #159769, PITS #11855]
- Fixed Handle LogON dialog is not working in Chrome 22. [Bug #165666, PITS #12785]
- Fixed frame identification failing in Chrome. [Bug #168041, PITS #13041]
- Fixed exception upon calling WaitForFrame in Chrome. [Bug #165838, PITS #12815]
- Fixed error executing specific AJAX test: BuildFrames().Error:TypeError: Cannot call method 'getBoundingClientRect' of undefined. [Bug #168533]
- Fixed Drag&Drop failing in Safari 5.1. [Bug #136246] 
- Fixed Safari Download dialog handler will not wait for the download to finish but it will pass immediately. [Bug #152847]
- Fixed Safari extension upgrade problem from extension version 2012.1.608. [Bug #166628]
- Fixed Chrome configuration status incorrect JavaScript registry check.

- Fixed Once logged into customers website, WaitUntilReady always times out on every action in IE. [Bug #163087, PITS #12419]
- Fixed Clear cache command freezes IE10. [Bug #168953, PITS #13156]
- Fixed wrong IE10 configuration status for the first call. [Bug #164808]
- Fixed possible exception creating registry keys on auto configuring IE. [Bug #166115]

- Fixed InvalidOperationException when selecting a value in HtmlSelect control and the InvokeSelectionChanged is set to True. [Bug #169344]

XAML (Silverlight & WPF):
- Fixed Clicks in secondary Silverlight pane are recording as clicks on pane underneath for a customer application. [Bug #163871, PITS #12559]
- Fixed Searching by AutomationId returns first element ignoring the type. [Bug #166271, PITS #12837]
- Fixed ComboBox.SelectItemByText incorrectly passes setting a text to exclude by (text starting with '-' character needs to be escaped by '). [Bug #164166, PITS #12604]
- Fixed Cannot get ToolTipText for RadPivotGrid's cell. [Bug #164366]
- Fixed SilverlightApp.ElementsFromPoint returns only the VisualTree.Root elements. [Bug #165040, PITS #12712]
- Fixed problem connecting to multiple WPF app windows. [Bug #166361]

- Fixed Upload dialog should be populated instantaniously on playback. [Bug #170127, PITS #13324]

- Fixed The Shift key is not released after performing multiple selection in a ListBox. [Bug #164116]