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Testing Framework 2012.1411

April 10, 2012

New in R1 2012  
- Added Browser.WaitForAjax(timeout) to handle MS and jQuery async requests.

Fixed in R1 2012  
- Inconsistent behavior with new Firefox Http Client Add-on. [Bug #146628, PITS #9856]
- Slower test execution under Firefox (hits tests with multiple JavaScript calls). [Bug #145923]
- FF 8+: Test execution of test with certain frame fails with Permission Denied error. [Bug #143445, PITS #9469]

- ComboBox: SelectItemByText method throws NullReferenceException when selecting an item that is already selected. [Bug #144487, PITS #9583].

- SaveAs dialog embeded into Silverlight app timeouts executing in Firefox. [Bug #144366, PITS #9572]

Breaking Changes
- Firefox execution requires enabling the system proxy
- Firefox 3.X is no longer supported