Release History

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Testing Framework 2011.21413

February 12, 2012

Dialog Handling:
- Fixed modal dialog handling fails in IE8. [Bug #129278]
- Fixed missing dialogs in the Dialogs collection.
- Improved IE9 download dialog handling (Bug #140782, #141016, #141017):
    - Added support for Run command.
    - Fixed exception determining the default download path for IE9.
    - Improved IE9 notification bar detection.
    - Increased download timeout to 25s.
    - Download dialog handler throws exception if there is no valid path and SAVE is selected.

- Fixed cannot run test built against 64-bit platform. [Bug #136171, PITS #8458]

- Added support for Firefox 9+.
- Fixed cannot connect to popup HTML window in Firefox. [Bug #138044, PITS #8667]

- Added Chrome 17 automation. [Bug #145289, PITS #9689]
- Fixed problems finding nested frames. [Bug #136563, PITS #8496]

- Fixed Safari 5.0 timeout exception. [Bug #139362]
- Fixed Safari extension installation for Safari 5.1.2.

XAML Framework:
- Exposed IFrameworkElement.Wait property. [Bug #137633, PITS #8621]
- Exposed FrameworkElement methods to get and set attached property values. [Bug #56635]
- Exposed FrameworkElement.Text, .TextBlockContent, .TextLiteralContent; deprecated .TextContent.
- Exposed ListBox.ListBoxItems property as opposed to .Items which does not provide access to the list box items but their string values. [Bug #140024]
- Exposed VisualFind.ByExpressionReturnOrThrow() method that opposed to Find.ByExpression respects the FindStrategy and can wait dynamic content. [Bug #137397]

Silverlight specific:
- Fixed Silverlight tests needlessly launching the http proxy. [Bug #139016]

Keyboard actions:
- Fixed RightAlt pressed instead of LeftAlt problem. [Bug #140104]