Release History

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Testing Framework 2011.1712

July 11, 2011

- Improved the parsing of LI elements under non-list elements (fixes dynamic menu parsing problem).
- Fixed parser issue when an HTML page closes a tag with ";>".

XAML (Silverlight & WPF):
- Improved ScrollToVisible() to be more reliable.
- Prevents an unhandled exception when there are no windows available in a WPF application we've just connected to.
- Improved error handling on WPF application launch.
- SL ComboBox: Improved OpenDropDown() method so that next SelectItem() calls operate over the updated visual tree.
- Exposed the VisualFind (.Find property) to all IFrameworkElement-s. (PITS #6750)

- Fixed GetRectangle() in IE9 is shifted by 2px problem. (PITS #6414)

- Adds Firefox 5 automation support
- Fixed rectangles incorrect for elements in frames in Firefox 4+.

- Fixed a delay in the test execution under those browsers.
- Fixed Safari hangs during automation on complicated multi-frame pages.

- Added support for OnBeforeUnload confirm navigation dialogs (all browsers).
- Fixed SaveAs Download Handler inputting path slow causing tests to fail. (PITS #6496)
- Added support for SaveAs dialogs for IE9.

HTTP Proxy:
- Fixed failing to wait for system proxy to be configured before continuing test.