Release History

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Testing Framework 2011.1609

June 8, 2011

- Improved invalid HTML pages parsing.
- Fixed AspNetHost browser doesn't work.
- Fixed AssertAttribute().ExistsNot() doesn't work correctly.

Silverlight & WPF:
- Fixed possible exception in WPF during TypeText playback.
- Fixed failure to load Silverlight apps in non-IE browsers when their source url contains a query string.
- Fixed incorrect element rectangles from IE caused us to fail to attach a recorder to a Silverlight app inside several nested frames.
- Fixed the Silverlight User.TurnMouseWheel ignores delta.
- Fixed XAML Calendar.SelectMonth/Year execution failures.
- Fixed SL/WPF ComboBox.SelectByText failing to find the item.

- Fixed incorrect plugin version displayed in FF add-ons.

- Fixed download path with ( ) characters doesn't replay correctly.
- Added support for detecting Chrome logon dialog.

Unit Testing:
- Fixed incorrect default error message from Assert.IsNull().