Release History

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Testing Framework 2010.31109

November 9, 2010

NEW: Adds Chrome, Safari5 and IE9 support.
Note: Any Safari version prior to v5 is no longer supported!

[WebAii Core]
- Throw the correct exception when we try to access a Silverlight element in a popup that has closed.
- New KeyBoard.TypeText() overload allows specification of delay between key press and release
- Adds HtmlControl.InvokeEvent() overload with closedBrowser argument.
- Fixed Silverlight playback scenario -- Wait.ForExists/ForVisible was failing for elements in Silverlight Popups.
- Fixed trouble recording and automating Silverlight ComboBoxes in ChildWindows.
- Fixed test failure in Firefox due to incorrect IFrame double-valued rectangle parsing.
- Fixed HtmlControl.Click() timeouts in Firefox for an element in IFrame (RadWindow).
- Fixed HtmlSelect.SelectByPartialText() and SelectByPartialValue() incorrect behavior.
- Fix for regression when FrameInfo.BaseUrl is partial '~'.
- Improved Keyboard.TypeText -- now it triggers autocomplete on web page forms.

[RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Wrappers]
- New TreeList wrappers: TreeList, DataItem, DataCell.
- New AsyncUpload wrapper.
- RadGrid:
- Exposed Grid DataItem IsInEditMode property (which is using the new get_isInEditMode JS property of the control).
- Exposed EditedItems/EditedIndexes and ExpandedItems/ExpandedIndexes properties to TableView wrapper.
- Exposed GroupHeader.GroupDataItemCount property.
- Fixed HtmlGrid TableView wrapper DataItems property did not return the correct number of items in FF, for client-side bound Grid, when filtering is applied.
- Fixed: Grid wrapper SortOrder property did not work in Firefox for client-side bound Grid.
- Calendar FastNavigation wrapper: update to work with the rendering when shadows are enabled.
- Fixed Slider.CurrentValue failing setter; Fixed Slider properties culture issues.
- Fixed Html Input wrapper IsValid, IsReadOnly and Enabled properties to work for RadInputManager textboxes.
- Added RadCalendar.NavigateToDate methods.
- ComboBox:
- Added item selection methods by text, value and index.
- Improved FindItem method to always search items in drop down div.

[RadControls for Silverlight Wrappers]
- Update of Chart wrappers exposing ChartType to the chart series.
- Fixed DatePicker/TimePicker/DateTimePicker compatibility issues with latest RadControls.