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Testing Framework 2010.2830

August 29, 2010

- Adds support for tracking popups in Silverlight applications built with both Telerik.Windows.Controls and Telerik.WebUI.PopupTracker assemblies.
- PopupTracker is no longer necessary with versions of Silverlight v4 runtime that supports VisualTreeHelper.GetOpenPopups().
- Adds Silverlight FrameworkElement.ToolTipText property.
- Fixed an error handling chunk-encoded Silverlight apps in Firefox and Safari.
- Take Silverlight Popup margins into account when finding and highlighting elements.

- Start dialog monitoring earlier so we can catch dialogs that are created along with browser launch.
- Adds support for handling File Upload Dialog with Internet Explorer 7 on non-English OSs.
- Fixed an issue where IE7's download complete dialog was not being closed properly.

- Improved elements in nested frames scenarios support.