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Testing Framework 2010.2713

July 13, 2010

- DataGrid controls: Adds DataGridRow and DataGridCell; Improves performance adding DataGrid.Rows and .Cells caching.
- Adds DataGrid.RowContainer, ColumnHeaderContainer and ColumnHeaders properties.
- TabControl: adds TabItems, TabItemContainer properties and SelectTab method.
- Adds VirtualizingStackPanel control wrapper.
- Adds ComboBox.SelectByText method.
- PopupTracker integration with RadControls (Silverlight): use the PopupTracker built in to Telerik's Silverlight controls if available. That helps automating RadControls popups out of the box (Silverlight RadContextMenu).
- Fixed failure to handle Silverlight app changes that preserve the visual tree structure.
- Fixed a scenario with unreliable automation of a complex Silverlight tree.
- Fixed accessing nonexistent Silverlight automation property gives useless error message.

- Fixed HTML Ordered List child node parsing problem.
- Fixed image capturing by HtmlControl has few pixels off (When element is half scrolled we capture portion of the status bar).
- Fixed incorrect return/recording of empty text box Text property/verification.
- Fixed errors parsing HTML pages with bad attributes.
- Fixed find frame by name regression.

New Features/Additions:
- Image Verification: WebAii exposes an API to compare images for a specific element on the page. You can also refine the selection to a specific area and specific error tolerance.
-Adds dialog handling settings API.
-Adds Window.GetText() method that returns the text content of that window (including is sub windows). Good for checking if some text is contained on that window.
-Adds Element.GetTextContentRecursive(params string[] tags) method.
-Keyboard and Desktop.Mouse methods ensure the browser is currently in use otherwise blink its icon in the taskbar.

More fixes:
- Fixes regression in VisualFind.ByExpression().
-Fixed NullReference thrown for download dialog Cancel action handling.
-Fixes bug in Firefox download dialog handler for cancel option; cleans up warnings in Firefox download dialog handler.
-Fixed having only a password entered in Logon Handler may cause test to repeat until test exe killed.
-Fixes Desktop (Mouse/Keyboard) actions NullReference in EnsureBrowserOnFocusIfPossible() method.

RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Wrappers
Adds RadAsyncUpload control wrapper.
- Fixed TableHeader wrapper SortOrder property not working when the control is bound client-side.
- Fixed TableView wrapper DataItems not retrieved properly when the control is bound client-side. This affects the DataItems count verification which was not working in this case.
- Fixed filter item wrapper's FilterMenuPopup method opening the menu for wrong column in some scenarios.
RadFilter wrapper updated to work with the new rendering of the control.
Changed RadSlider int properties to return decimal.
RadEditor .Enabled properties (setters) are now culture-sensitive.
Fixed RadDateInput wrapper SelectedDate property setter.
Adds RadCalendar wrapper column and rows count properties.
Fixed RadToolTip translator not identifying Tooltips with shadow.
Fixed RadInput.TypeText() method fails if the control is not in the visible part of the page.

RadControls for Silverlight Wrappers
Grid: Added Index property to GridViewHeaderCell wrapper.