Release History

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Testing Framework 2009.31210

December 9, 2009


  • Includes the final WebAii v2.0 core framework (version 2.0.7).
  • New control wrapper (both AJAX and Silverlight), improvements and bug fixes.

WebAii RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX updates

New control wrappers:

  • RadListView
  • RadDataPager

Improved sample tests cross-browser support -- IE8, FF, Safari fixes.


  • Exposed two more SelectDate() overloads (no culture argument).


  • Exposed the GridFilterItem control via RadGrid property.


  • Added complete ContextMenu support (requires RadControls internal build (Nov 23) or official Service Pack of Q3 2009 when available).
  • Fixed the support of Grid Filtering menu and TreeView built-in ContextMenu.

WebAii RadControls for Silverlight updates

New control wrappers:

  • Book: RadBook, RadBookItem.
  • Buttons: RadSplitButton.
  • RibbonBar: RadRibbonBar. QuickAccessToolbar, WindowTitle, RibbonGroup, RibbonButtons (Button, RadioButton, DropDownButton, SplitButton).
  • TreeListView: RadTreeListView, RadColumn, RadTreeListViewItem, RadCell.


Various improvements for custom control templates support.


  • RadButton: Exposed .Text property for easy verification.
  • DropDownButton: Fixed NullRef. error -- RadDropDownButton no longer exposes HasDropDownContent property.


  • .SelectedDates property returns the built-in SelectedDatesCollection (ArtOfTest.WebAii.Siverlight) type instead of the custom type used till now.
  • Exposed RadCalendar.DisplayMode property.


  • Fixed non-editable combo throwing exception on .Text or .ContentPresenterElement call.
  • Fixed .Items throwing exception before opening the popup for the first time.
  • Addressed .Items backwards compatibility issue.


  • Fixed PaneHeader and ToolWindow API causing exceptions related to RadButtons in the control template.
  • PaneHeader button click (Pin, Close) methods do not search for RadButtons anymore (added support for Q2 2009 and older RadDocking template).


  • Fixed timeout error accessing the frame element.


  • Exposed .ControlPanel property, the element holding the MediaPlayer buttons (play, stop, next/previous chapter, toggle mute, etc.).
  • Exposed Index property for MediaItem and MediaChapter.
  • Exposed the control element names used among the wrappers.


  • Fixed incorrect XamlTag mappings initialization.


  • Removed GridViewExpandableRow wrapper
  • RadGridView:
    • Removed ExpandableRow property
    • Exposed CanUserSelect property
  • GridViewRow:
    • Exposed IsExpanded Property
    • Exposed ChildGridView property
    • Exposed Expand, Collapse and Toggle methods
  • GridViewFooterCell:
    • Exposed Text property
  • GridViewCell:
    • Exposed IsEditable property and Text property
    • Exposed Checkbox property, Image property, TextBlock property, Combobox property
  • GroupRow:
    • Removed ExpandableRows property
  • GridViewHeaderCell:
    • Exposed Text property


  • TabItem: The deprecated Select() method has been removed.
  • Exposed TabPosition property comparing the content and the tabs layout.


  • Improved the upload timeout handling, extended the API to be able to pass custom timeout values.


  • Fixed .IsMinimized wrong value after minimizing the window.

Other Fixes:

  • Safari shutdown timing issue (affects tests running under NUnit)
  • Default find strategy in VisualFind is now WhenNotVisibleReturnNull for designer browser
  • More globalization issues with GetRectangle()
  • Safari issues running multiple tests
  • Make Silverlight Thickness comparisons work in code gen
  • Failure to record Silverlight when translators or their dependencies don't load correctly
  • Generating bad FindExpressions that can crash VS
  • Crashes from weird visual tree serialization
  • EnsureClickable in Silverlight code gen container
  • Increased click delay to 50ms
  • FindAttribute updates: Added support for Silverlight + Renamed FindExpressionAttribute to FindAttribute for brevity.
  • Removed the FindExpressionAttribute from Common. This class lives in ArtOfTest.WebAii.TestAttributes
  • Hierarchy clauses if multiples exist in on clause then we use the first one rather than throw an exception
  • If a UIElement has a Clip specified, restrict all its visual children to be within its rectangle. This may not be correct behavior.
  • Bad rectangles for Silverlight apps whose plugins have a CSS border
  • VS Crash when Silverlight control shadows a property using the "new" keyword
  • RepeatButton playback weirdness