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Testing Framework 2009.31103

November 2, 2009

WebAii TF 2009.3 1103 release notes


  • Updated with the WebAii v2.0.5 core framework.
  • Ensures compatibility with RadControls Q3 2009 release.
  • New RadControls for Silverlight wrappers, improvements and fixes.

WebAii framework v2.0.5 updates

  • Fix for Firefox 3.5.x compatibility.
  • Improves performance of external browser.
  • jQuery Initial Implementation.
  • Fixes file upload dialog handler fails for Silverlight apps.
  • Performance Optimization During Test Execution of Silverlight App.
  • Fixed inability to connect to certain SilverlightApp's.
  • Fixes framework memory leak in SilverlightApp.
  • Expression foo=!bar now matches when 'foo' is missing.
  • Fixes GetRectangle() wrong for Path elements.
  • Added Support for Expression Paths [/tag[clause]/tag[clause]/].
  • Fixes GetRectangle() globalization issue.
  • Fixes UserInteraction "out of window bounds" error message to have the correct bounds.
  • Fixes drawing highlight rectangles in the wrong place.
  • Exposes Clauses[] on the IFindExpression.
  • Fix - Unable to connect to Silverlight app in an IE popup window.
  • Fix - NullReferenceException in SL extension when we find a popup with no children while walking the visual tree.
  • Implemented WaitForFrame.
  • Fix - Makes FrameworkElement.As() and CastAs() work on proxy elements. Fixes Wait.ForVisibleNot().

WebAii RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX updates


  • RadPicker: DateInput property added which exposes the DateInput part of the control's wrapper.
  • RadDatePicker: Exposed Calendar property to access the Calendar wrapper.
  • RadPicker: Added TimeView property to the respecitve pickers which accesses the TimeView wrapper.
  • Added SetSelectedDate() method for the Calendar wrapper which allows setting a date via the DateInput.


  • Added new method TypeText() to simulate typing in the Input.
  • DateInput: Fixed SelectedDate to use the current DateFormat and not ignore the time part of its value.

WebAii RadControls for Silverlight updates


  • Compatibility with the Q3 2009 release of RadControls for Silverlight.
  • New control wrappers: OutlookBar, TileView (+FluidContentControl), GridView and Scheduler sub controls, more Charting series.
  • Updated the base controls the wrappers inherit from -- Docking, Input, MediaPlayer, Navigation, Scheduler.
  • Major updates in the GridView and Scheduler control wrappers.
  • Various minor updates.


  • New wrappers : ChartSeriesHorizontalBar, ChartSeriesHorizontalStackedBar, ChartSeriesHorizontalStackedBar100.
  • Exposed VerticalMinorTickCount in ChartAxisX.
  • Exposed HorizontalMinorTickCount in ChartAxisY.
  • Various minor updates.


  • Updated ToggleDropDown() method in regards to the latest control template change.


  • Removed .ItemWidth and .ItemHeight, updated .CoverItems to reflect recent change in the control UI.
  • CoverFlowItem: removed .ItemOffset; exposed .IsLoading and .IsValidContent properties.


  • PaneHeader and ToolWindow use RadButtons.
  • RadDocking: removed *MenuItemClick methods (Docking ContextMenu cannot be automated currently).
  • RadPane: exposed Click() method.
  • ToolWindow: Updated .HeaderElement and .VisualRoot properties to reflect the recent changes in the control template.


  • Added HeaderCellThumbName wrapper
  • Removed GridViewHeaderCellWrapper
  • RadGridView:
    • Updated FooterRow, NewRow, HeaderRow, GroupPanel, GroupRows, ExpandableRows, Rows properties to reflect recent changes in the control UI
    • Added HorizontalScrollBar , VerticalScrollBar properties
    • Added ScrollHorizontally(),ScrollVertically(), ScrollVerticallyWithScrollThumb() methods
  • GridViewRow:
    • Updated Cells property to reflect recent changes in the control UI;
    • Added Index property.
  • GridViewNewRow: Updated Cells property to reflect recent changes in the control UI
  • GridViewHeaderRow: Updated HeaderCells property to reflect recent changes in the control UI
  • GridViewFooterRow: Updated FooterCells property to reflect recent changes in the control UI
  • AggregateResultsList: Updated AggregateResultCells property to reflect recent changes in the control UI
  • GridViewHeaderCell: Exposed LeftHeaderGripper and RightHeaderGripper properties and updated DragToHeaderGripper() and Resize() methods
  • GridViewCell : Added Index property
  • GridViewGroupRow: Added Index property


  • Added TimelinePresenter control wrapper.
  • Added support for the new control template containing RadButtons.
  • RadScheduler:
    • Added support of Timeline view type.
    • Exposed .ViewButtonsPanel and .NavigationPanel holding the buttons to change the view and the navigation controls respectively.
    • Added .OpenWeekDay() methods loading the DayView via Week header button click.
    • Renamed .OpenedView property to .CurrentView.
  • SchedulerWeekPresenter:
    • Added .OpenDay() method loading the DayView via Week header button click.
    • Exposed .DayHeaderGrid element holding the buttons in the header.
  • SchedulerPresenter: Exposed .IsMonthView and .PresenterType (SchedulerViewType type) properties.
  • TimeslotItem:
    • Changed .DateText to .DayName for naming consistency.
    • ShowMoreButtonVisibility property now returns 'Visibility' type.
    • Removed ShowMoreButtonClick() method due to duplicated functionality.
    • Renamed Open() method to OpenDay().
    • Exposed .IsInMonthView property.
    • Exposed .MonthDay property (usable in Month view) for easier verifications.
  • AppointmentItem:
    • Added .TimeSlotOwner, .StartTimeSlot, .EndTimeSlot (all returning TimeslotItem type) and .TimeSlotLength properties.
    • Improved Starts/EndsWithSlot() methods.
    • Fixed FallsInSlot() to respect the time slot rectangle top and bottom.
    • Exposed .DeleteButton property and Select() method.
    • Changed IsRecurrentMaskVisible property to RecurrentMaskVisibility (Visibility return type).
  • Exposed the list of all the element names used among the wrappers.


  • New ToggleDropDown(), ScrollLeft() and ScrollRight() methods to cover the newly added user interaction RadTabControl options.
  • Exposed the list of control element names used among the wrappers


  • Updated .Nodes property to reflect recent change in the control UI.


  • Exposed the control element names used among the wrappers.