Release History

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Testing Framework 2009.2812

August 11, 2009

WebAii Testing Framework Q2 0812 Highlights:

  • WebAii v2.0.3 -- fixes and improvements.
  • WebAii RadControls for Silverlight running against the RadControls for Silverlight Q2 2009 SP1 release; new control wrappers, improvements, fixes, updated API reference documentation.
  • WebAii RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX -- fixes, improvements, updated API reference documentation.
  • Installer no longer requires Visual Studio (WebAii just does not attempt to register its VS templates if VS is missing).

WebAii v2.0.3 Release Notes

  1. Enabled the configurable CheckResult on the Wait Object.
  2. Fixes VisualWait.ForVisible().
  3. Exposed Refresh() on ITargetElement.
  4. HtmlControl.ValidateControl() uses LocatorExpression if it's defined.
  5. Validate mouse locations for drag & drop in UserInteraction class.
  6. Fixes VisualWait.ForVisibleNot() case where element is removed from visual tree rather than collapsed.
  7. Fixes HtmlControl.FindParentContainer() to use FindExpressions if possible.
  8. Fixes issue with Firefox extension displaying its status bar twice.
  9. FrameworkElement.Parent() now returns null rather than throwing NullReferenceException when no such parent exists.
  10. Added support for SilverlightApp/Frame detection for Element.
  11. Fixes issue with MIME filter failing to pass through non-Silverlight resources.
  12. Adds DataGridColumn type to Silverlight UI classes.
  13. Wait.ForNoMotion() waits ForVisible() first.

WebAii RadControls for Silverlight Release Notes


  • Full compatibility with RadControls for Silverlight Q2 2009 SP1.
  • Reworked and extended the sample tests.
  • New Control Wrapppers: RadHtmlPlaceholder, RadContextMenu.


  • Exposed SelectMonth/Year/Decade methods.
  • Exposed SelectDay and SelectDayRange methods.


  • Item: Exposed Index property.


  • Fixed Items caching not cleared on Refresh().


  • Added 2 new wrappers - GridViewFooterRow and GridViewFooterCells.
  • GridViewGroupRow: Exposed ExpandableRows property returning the expandable rows in each group.
  • GridViewExpandableRow: Exposed ExpandableCells property returning the cells of an expandable row.
  • Exposed CollapseGroupRows public method.
  • Fixed AggregatesResultCells property failure.


  • Exposed new properties: Mask, MaskedText, IsEmpty, IsReadOnly, IsFocused.


  • Fixed ToggleFullScreenMode method error after media player gets opened in full screen.


  • Fixed ArgumentException retrieving menu items including separator in the list.


  • Exposed new properties: IsEditable, IsFocused, IsHighlighted, CustomUnit, Delay, RepeatInterval.


  • Exposed Orientation control property.


  • Added AppointmentItemDialog wrapper (check out the sample tests for AddNewAppointment scenarios).
  • Exposed AppointmentItem.ResizeFromStart/End + AppointmentsControl.ResizeAppointment public methods.
  • Exposed NavigationForward/Back methods and NavigationDatePicker, Scheduler.ScrollView() is now obsolete.
  • Exposed GetDayTimeSlotItem() overload; returns the first day matching TimeSlotItem instance.


  • Slider.IsHorizontal changed to .Orientation (SliderOrientationType enum -- Horizontal, Vertical).


  • Fixed Items property retrieving wrong Items list in case of nested tab controls.


  • Fixed TogglePopup() does not handle the closing animation properly.


  • Item: Added HeaderRightClick() for easy context menu popup simulation (RadContextMenu integration).
  • Item: Exposed HeaderRow property returning the item header.
  • Item: Exposed Index property.


  • Pause/Resume() throw InvalidOperationException if the upload process has either not started or already completed.

WebAii RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Release Notes


  • New control wrapper: RadListBox.
  • Reworked and extended the sample tests.


  • Added Min and MaxDate properties for the pickers.
  • FastNavigationStep property is no longer read only.
  • Changed the logic to locate the row header cell.


  • Editor.Mode property is no longer read only.
  • EditorCommand: fixed the IsNonDefaultToolbarMode and EditorID properties in case of non-default Editor mode and if the ToolBar is not shown
  • EditorSplitButton: Enabled property is no longer read only.


  • Fixed MasterTable could not be located in some scenarios.
  • GroupFieldNames property in GroupPanels - updated the formatting of the output string.


  • Numeric Min and MaxValue properties fixed (setters were not working).


  • Fixed Menu.*Items caching bug -- all items mess up with root items lists.


  • Fixed PanelBar.*Items caching bug -- all items mess up with root items lists.


  • Exposed GetTimeSlot() method for different views.


  • Added setters to some read only properties.


  • Fixed TabStrip.*Tabs caching bug -- all tabs mess up with root tabs lists.


  • Fixed ToolBar.*Items caching bug -- all items mess up with root items lists.


  • Fixed Visible property under Safari.


  • Fixed Menu.*Nodes caching bug -- all nodes mess up with root nodes lists