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WebUI Test Studio QA Archive 2010.1518

May 17, 2010

WebUI Test Studio Q1 2010 Service Pack 1

  • New Feature: Test Explorer: Run Test to Selected Step. => Allows recorder to go back to the state for that step to continue recording from that point.
  • New Feature: Silverlight ChildWindow/Popup support.
  • Improvements in the Html IFrame handling
    • Recording within IFrame doesn't set the query by default anymore (UseQuery = false).
    • Improved Frame search on test playback.
  • Optimized test execution in Html especially of Visibility test checks (some complex Html tests may execute 10+ times faster now).
  • Fixed "Recorder client is unable to communicate with the recording host" error.
  • Fixed “Unable to connect to Silverlight app” warning on page load during recording.
  • Bug fix to detect the active page in the recorder.
  • Fixed the Html parser to handle TR, TH, and TD elements without closing tags.
  • Fixed Silverlight TypeText recording issue.
  • Fixed Silverlght.Visibility verification doesn't update the value in the test step on manual update.
  • Memory Usage Optimization: AutomationHostState image optimizations.
  • Enhanced tracing across the entire application, improved the tracing of Silverlight recording.
  • Fixed NavigateTo not being recorded in non-English OS.
  • Enhanced support for building cross-frames translators lists for RadEditor.
  • Fix to allow recording + execution when other IE toolbars are loaded like Windows Live toolbar.
  • Dialogs: We weren't handling the FileUploadPath parameter properly.
  • Increase the time for waiting on the recorder to connect back to the host.
  • Remove dependency on VS's Assert classes.
  • Fixed exception on VS project upgrade.
  • We now wait for Frames to exist when dynamically created by the page.
  • Avoid a crash in DOM explorer for deep Silverlight visual trees.
  • CodeGen fix for converting a test to VS Coded Test when using a Test as Step.
  • Skip the href attribute as an identification if it has the potential to be a dynamic Url.
  • WaitForUrl OnPropertyChanged to reflect property updates.
  • Fix the element friendly name issue where multiple elements share the same element but have a different friendly name.
  • Reliability fix for Wait.ForElement to exist.
  • Fixed DOM Crash when duplicate frames exist.
  • Test Explorer:
    • LoadPage respects the BaseUrl if set
    • Record After Step turns on recording.
    • Enable highlighting from the Test Explorer step selection.
    • Custom coded step automatically inserted into middle of test, not at the end.
    • Fixed copy/paste of coded step sometimes throws an exception.
    • Reordering steps quickly causes sometimes selects and moves the wrong step.
    • Add support for launching the .net 4.0 version of Cassini.
  • Fixes FrameInfo to use relative equality comparison if either FrameInfo has a relative URL.
  • Fixed handling of confirm dialog in Firefox and Safari.
  • Fixed handling  navigation in IE to a UTF-8 "%-encoded" url.
  • Removes recursive object from ArtOfTest.WebAii.Silverlight.UI.Rect.
  • Handled a COM exception getting element rectangle.
  • Better error message when trying to execute steps with no page loaded in the browser.
  • Log an error instead of failing a test when we encounter TestRegions with duplicate IDs.
  • Fix to allow recording + execution when other IE toolbars are loaded like Windows Live toolbar. 

Developer Edition

  • Fixes exception thrown on loading projects with read-only test files.
  • Fixed TestExplorer.ExecutionDelay not being respected on quick execution.
  • Enable the Properties menu option in the test explorer in Visual Studio.
  • Account for the new LocalWebServer type in the VS config file.
  • Expose Cassini Port # in the VS Config settings.
  • JustCode compatibility fixes.

QA Edition

  • Fixed only tests with code-behind displaying compilation errors (the other tests execution simply did nothing).
  • Adds "Add Existing Test..." item to Project Explorer context menus.
  • Adds interface for selecting files to check in.
  • CommandLineRunner respects the dynamic test lists filter.
  • Fixed exception when deleting or excluding tests in a project containing a test with invalid test-as-step.
  • Fixed test with code behind will not run after being copied to new project.
  • Fixed StepDebugFailureUI missing the failed TestResult.
  • TestLists:
    • No longer stops execution silently if any of the test in the list with code-behind cannot be compiled. Displays the list of compilation errors along with execution confirmation.
    • Loading corrupted TestList doesn't break the entire project load anymore.
    • Fixed TestList execution of invalid test showing error dialog in some cases.
    • Dynamic test lists apply the filter over all the Project tests upon execution.
    • Edit selected Dynamic TestList loads the Dynamic TestList Editor to be able to update the filter.
    • Creating and deleting test list notifies and updates the Project Dashboard.
    • Adding, deleting and renaming tests immediately updates the affected dynamic test lists.
    • Added the ability to create Dynamic TestList to execute all the tests in the project (adding dynamic test list without filter clauses).
    • Added dynamic test lists ability to filter tests by Priority.
    • Added Fitler.NotEquals to the list of comparisons for dynamic test list rules.
    • TestLists has icons (TestListManager and Project.Dashboard).
    • Fixed duplicating rows in the TestListManager's TestList grid.
    • Added "Add All" and "Remove All" buttons to the TestList builder dialog.
    • Enabled ListBox multiple selection in the TestList builder dialog.
  • ResultsViewer:
    • Fixed run results re-loaded twice on initial project load.
    • Fixed loading a corrupted run result breaks the entire project load.
    • Persists selected run on changing the Scheduler active view.
    • Automatically scrolls to the appointment (selected or latest) on loading Week View.
    • TestResults allows sorting of the Grids.
    • Fixed deleting run result from Day, Week or Month View doesn't load the Timeline View anymore.
    • Fixed ResultsViewer no longer loses the selected test result on browsing the tests.
    • Generated RunResult creates file with Windows UTC datetime.
    • Scheduler RunResult title optimizations.
    • Result Scheduler: Fixed always loading the day of the selected or latest run result on loading the DayView.
    • Prevent user from setting result title we can't use for its file name.
  • "TestResults" directory tests are now ignored by the QA Edition.
  • Slight optimization in retrieving Tests from a Project folder.
  • Improvements in the BindTest dialog.
  • Improvements in the CreateDataSource dialog.
  • Fixed Loading Assembly Cache doesn't stop sometimes.
  • Add existing test dialog starts in the selected folder.
  • Clear source control server tree in bind UI before (re)populating it.
  • Fixed "Create New Project" dialog hiding the browse button for long values.
  • Fix for refresh command in help section.
  • Fixed inability to show the properties of a test step in case the test includes just one step.
  • Refresh the RibbonBar after execution  (Start/Stop button are updates as expected now).
  • Add Clear to the Log.

RadControls for ASP.NET Translators

  •     Fixed CalendarNavigation Previous/Next navigation description missing the month navigated to
  •     Fixed Calendar Selected Dates Count verification code generation

  •     Fixed RadEditor typing text bug on recording.

  •     Fixed RadFilterItem Expression, Operator and Field quick task verifications failing to initialize
  •     Fixed FilterItem Level verification description to display the correct text
  •     Fixed FilterItem ItemLevel and Index are incorrect in some scenarios with dynamic creation of the control
  •     Fixed FilterItem Level verification failure message
  •     Fixed FilterItem actions code generation
  •     FilterItem Index quick task verification added
  •     Added OpenExpressionsMenu() method for RadFilter wrapper

  •     Fixed Grid TableHeader checkbox click action should be intercepted only if the cell has the correct CSS class so it can be located on execution
  •     Fixed Grid DataCell Text string compare sentence editor failing to initialize its description (which prevented recording of the verification)
  •     Fixed Grid filter menu popup action code generation
  •     GridTableView wrapper added ScrollUp() and ScrollDown() methods.

  •     InputValue verification descriptor failing to de-serialize when the test is loaded.
  •     Added IsValid property and quick task verification.
  •     RadInput translator will now recognize the control even if Skin="".

  •     Added "Floated Tiles" predefined layout.

RadControls for Silverlight Translators
  • Fixed Orientation type verifications CodeGen support.
  • Improved the code generation of Visibility verifications.
  • Added ComboBoxItem.Visibility Build verification option.

  •     Added GetAppointmentBySubject method to return the first appointment with given subject.
  •     Added GetAppointmentsBySubject overload to return the first count appointments with given subject.

  • Fixed TabItems, TabPosition, TabItem.ItemText properties returning wrong values with the latest RadControls.
  •  Added TabControl.TabOrientation Sentence Editor.

  •   TreeViewItem.Expand/Collapse wrapper methods now perform the regular .User.Click(). The wrapper no longer relies on the mouse cursor to find the "hot spot" to click on.
  •   Fixed TreeViewItem Translator Click failed to record action in some scenarios.


  • Added RadMaskedTextBox.TypeText method.
  • Handled RadMaskedTextBox.MouseClick action.

  • Added DockDocumentPaneInPaneGroup, DockGroupInPaneGroup, DockWindowInPaneGroup methods
  • Fixed how TabStripPanel is found for AutoHideArea and PaneGroup for latest RadControls
  • Added TabStripPanelAutoHideArea and TabStripPanelPaneGroup

  • Fixed IsMaximized to work with Latest RadControls

  • Fixed PickerTextBox  to work with the latest RadControls