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WebUI Test Studio Developer Archive 2010.31421

February 20, 2011

- Fixed IFrame issue: element is identified incorrectly and as a result it's Find Logic is incorrect.
- Fixed the framework's lnk.GetComputedStyleValue("fontWeight") method doesn't work in IE.
- Fixed CaptureBrowser causing OutOfMemory exception.


- Added an option to exclude the Test Scheduling as a feature installing the Execution, Dev and QA Editions.

- Fixed issues with logical tests producing incorrect test results and incomplete execution log.
- Running coded tests after Execution Edition upgrade automatically resolves the assembly references.
- No longer need to rebuild any custom Execution Extension after upgrading TestStudio.
- Command line runner now compiles the project as part of the execution if needed.
- Fixed an issue where RunToStep did not work properly when used within a logical branch.
- Fixed Visual Debugger incorrect test step update on replay.
- Fixed Visual Debugger problem with udpating the element find logic.
- Fixed ArgumentException for TestAsStep execution with data extraction scenario.
- Fixed an issue getting the ManualStep dialog behind the browser.
- Fixes incomplete test result log in scenario of coded test as step execution.
- Command line runner always adds Machine info to the generated run results.
- A custom step description is now respected in the test execution log.
- Fixed Drag & Drop error message doesn't specify source vs target element.
- No longer run test's local data if no step is bound unless there is a coded step. We also respect the test step enabled state.
- Fixed an issue where excluded files code behind was still being compiled with the project.

- Fixed issues recording text input in contentEditable HTML elements.
- Fixed a customer scenario with specific HTML popup where IE got hung on closing the popup during recording or playback.
- Fixed Wait.ForExistsNot code gen doesn't work.

- Fixed OOB automation problem after an upgrade of TestStudio.
- Fixed unable to capture some images from specific Silverlight applications.
- Fixed unable to convert Silverlight ToolTip verifications to code.
- Fixed Wait.ForExistsNot code gen doesn't work.

Test Scheduling:
- Adds support for logical tests and TestAsStep results.
- Fixes scheduling service exception when running under account without admin permissions.
- Fixed incomplete test results generated for data-bound tests executed via the scheduling test runner.
- Adds automatic project compilation prior to scheduled tests execution.
- Adds the machine name to the scheduled test execution result email.
- The SMTP client no longer needs username and password (implemented non-authentication SMTP mode).
- Fixed a publishing to server incomplete result issue.
- Fixed publishing to server doesn't persist the machine the tests were executed on.
- Fixed memory leaks executing scheduled tests.
- All results with ability to be received by email are also published to scheduling server.
- Fixed recurring scheduled runs still present in the DB even after all occurences are executed.
- Adds SMTPSettings user email validation while configuring the scheduling server.
- Scheduling LogReader persists page index on Reload.

Test Explorer:
- RunToHere now adds execution result similar to Quick Execution.
- Fixed broken Drag&Drop after adding verification to the 'if' condition.
- Fixed exception when deleting copy/pasted steps in code with logical operators.
- Fixed changing the number of iterations in "Loop" step is not persisted on test save.
- Fixed 'Load Page' menu option loads wrong URL when step specifies a different BaseUrl than the project settings.
- Fixed unexpected step multi-selection issue on drag&drop.
- Fixed using the "Del" button you can delete the "Else" statement added with an IF/ELSE (added from the GUI).

- Fixed missing images on test change.
- Fixed re-capture does not work for data bound test.

Element Explorer:
- Fixed "Locate in DOM" throwing exception in some scenarios.
- Fixed element generation name conflict for page element having name "Page".

DOM Explorer:
- Fixed exception expanding and scrolling to element.

[QA Edition]

Main IDE:
- Fixed 'Export to VS' specific version issue of ArtOfTest.* and Telerik.* assemblies.
- Fixed 'Export to VS' needlessly creates Project.Elements file.

Project View:
- Fixed Project Explorer context menu issue with incorrectly displayed source control commands.

Record View:
- Fixed a scenario of losing storyboard images when opening tests.
- Fixed Clear CodeBehind file option unable to find the test when placed in a sub folder.

TestLists View:
- Fixed dynamic TestLists switch to static when a user clears the filters without confirming the change.
- Fixed double-click on a test while adding tests in the TestListBuilder doesn't reflect the Add and AddAll buttons.

- Fixed error upon loading results from scheduling server due to incomplete run results generation on test scheduling for coded tests failing to find the code in the .dll.
- Fixed 'deserializing object' error when trying to load results from server.
- Fixed problems of displaying wrong run result after reloading from server for test lists executed at the same time on different machines.
- ReloadFromServer no longer filters for scheduled runs in the past getting the actual runs from the scheduling database.
- Fixed a scenario of duplicated results on reload.

- Added TestResult visual indication for logical results drill-down ability.
- Result publishing to TFS Build no longer requires VS to be installed (working only with Test Agent).
- Fixed large test results does not export all the data.
- Fixed executing test list only displays the new result if the old tests were not previously loaded.
- Fixed navigation back/forward switching the selected run result in some cases.
- TestResults GridView displays the complete test path instead of just the test name.

[Dev Edition]
- Solves compatibility problem with JustCode in Visual Studio.
- Add ProjectTemplates in Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 (Add New TestSutio Project). Added the option into Telerik menu in VS as well.
- Add support for quick execution without debugging in Visual Studio.
- Fixed specific scenario of connect to existing browser attaching the recorder to the wrong browser.
- Fixed issue with loading WebAiiTest for correct loading of test results independently in VS.
- Fixed cannot change SilverlightTimeout value for test settings.

[RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Wrappers]
- Changed Width/Height property type from 'string' to 'int'. Affected control wrappers: Dock, Editor, Rotator, Slider, Splitter, TagCloud, Tooltip, Window.
- Added FileExplorer control wrapper.
- Added MonthYearPicker control wrapper.
- Upload: Fixed FileSelect action problem under Safari and Chrome.
- Editor: Exposed .DecodedHtml property.
- Dock: Exposed .TopBar Element property.
- TreeList: Fixed DataItem does not initialize correct index when there is a pager with position "Top".
- Calendar:
    - Added RangeSelection support.
    - Added MonthYearPicker support.
    - Fixed NavigateToDate() method breaks when the control has AutoPostBack=true.
- Input: Adds IsFocused property.
- TagCloud updates.

[RadControls for Silverlight Wrappers]
- Add Sparkline and BulletGraph control wrappers.
- ComboBox:
    - Fixed backward compatibility issue with RadComboBox control support.
    - Fixed SelectItem() wrong processing of 'openDropDown' argument. The method opens the drop down by default.
- Upload: Fixed buttons type to reflect latest changes in the RadUpload for Silverlight control theme.
- Window: Fixed IsMinimized/Maximized troubles.
- TileView:
    - Fixed problematic properties - Items, TileState.
    - Added Item.Position property.

[RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Translators]
- Common:
    - Translators support data extraction.
    - Fixed code generation for verifications with custom property types (e.g. enumerations).
- Add FileExplorer translator.
- ComboBox:
    - SetText action with SimulateRealTyping on now supports data binding.
    - Fixed Select and SetText actions CodeGen support problems.
- Grid:
    - Add ItemSelection action support keyboard (ctrl/shift) multi item selection.
    - Handle export actions in the command item.
    - Data cell verifications now compare the texts after removing whitespaces.
    - Fixed Drag-to-group action does not work on execution after AJAX.
    - Fixed DataItem state sentence verification does not initialize its Index property.
- TreeList:
    - Add ItemSelection action support keyboard (ctrl/shift) multi item selection.
    - Add/Edit item actions handling.
    - DataCell.TextStringCompare supports custom text for the CellText property.
    - Add "edited" DataItem verifications.
    - Data cell verifications now compare the texts after removing whitespaces.
    - Fixed incorrect locating PagerCell as TreeListDataCell.
    - Fixed ClientSelectColumn selection action conflict with RadFormDecorator checkboxes.
    - Fixed numeric paging action not initialized correctly.
    - Fixed DataItem state sentence verification does not initialize its Index property.
- Scheduler:
    - Added support for modal advanced form.
    - Fixed a problem with edit appontment action not recordered when click on an inner div.
- Calendar:
    - Added RangeSelection support.
    - Fixed ViewSelector click action incorrect code generation.
    - Fixed FastNavigation.SelectedMonth property does not work on recording verifications.
    - Fixed Picker enabled verification not initialized properly.
- Input:
    - Adds IsFocused state verification.
    - Fixed InputManager translator does not work for multiline textboxes.
- PanelBar: Fixed incorrect recording of a click inside item template.
- Button: Verification fixes.
- TagCloud updates.
[RadControls for SL Translators]
- Add Sparkline translators.
- ComboBox: Adds SelectItem CodeGen support for DataBound text/index properties.
- Window: Fixed failing resizing and button actions.
- MaskedTextBox: Adds SetText and MaskedValue data-driven support.