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WebUI Test Studio Developer Archive 2010.31213

December 12, 2010

- Adds Chrome and Safari checkboxes support.


- Fixed installer missing to detect 2010 Q1 or older release.

- Fixed culture change breaking the trial period detection.
- Fixed FIPS compliance (error on activation if the specific security setting is on).

- Fixed 'Enter' key press recorded twice.
- Fixed wrong offset for drag & drop steps recorded in IE and played back in other browsers.
- Fixed scenario of web application recording hung due to unexpected handling of IFrame.
- Fixed bad code generation for waits.

- Adds support for elevated trust Out-Of-Browser Silverlight applications.
- Fixed SL. Visibility Verification on a child element fails when it is a applied on the parent container.
- Fixed an error waiting for elements in Silverlight popups.

Recording Common:
- Fixed navigation step not recorded when page requires login.

Command line execution:
- Adds result publishing to scheduling server as well as sending email report via runner arguments, helpful in continuous integration scenarios.
- Fixed runner does not respect the project UserSettings.OutputFolder.

Execution Engine:
- Fixed coded ExecuteTest() call doesn't respect the inner test result.
- Fixed setting test and data plus calling IExecutionExtension.OnInitializeDataSource() twice during execution engine initialize.
- Fixed coded test log messages missing in the final log of the data driven test result.
- Fixed an issue where execution continued after a step failure contained inside a logical step.
- Fixed NullReference exception in test result when a logical step is not executed.
- Fix logical descriptors so that element exists verifications can be used as logical steps.
- Fixed possible object disconnected exception on execution shut down.

Test Scheduling:
- Configure Scheduling Server proposes available SQL server instances across the network.
- Fixed upgrade (uninstall/new install) resetting the Scheduling configuration.
- Fixed Scheduling Server Setup and Execution Server applications error on launching without administrator rights.
- User-friendly machine OS information.
- Fixed missing machine Chrome detection info.
- Fixed incorrect TestResult end time (caused by unexpected dialog test failure) breaking the run result persistence in the server.
- Adds option to set runner timer tick period (in minutes).
- Configure as Execution Server X click minimizes the application to tray.

Test Explorer:
- Double-click action on coded step now displays the code.
- Fixed converting a step to code did not preserve enabled, breakpoint, or continue on failure states.
- Fixed an issue where we were not correctly displaying the number of steps executed when a test contained logical steps.
- Fixed column adjustment problem on maximize/return to normal state.
- Fixed test result log button not visible due to data iterations combo box getting too wide.

DOM Explorer:
- Fixed exception on item expand and scroll to get it visible.

Data Binding
- Fixed switching from local data to outer data source does not respect the new data source.
- Fixes inability to paste multi-line T-SQL query into the text box of the BindTest dialog.

- Fixed ID is still used after removing from the Identification Logic panel.
- Element Explorer 3D View - Fixed verification statement font set to white making it impossible to see.
- Fixed incorrect UserSettings reset on upgrading a project.
- Fixed possible application hung (UI Automation issue).
- CaptureBrowser/Desktop steps creates image file name containing the test name.

[QA Edition]

Test Scheduling UI Changes:
- Project Tab, Scheduling Group:
    - Adds ability to manage remote machines
    - Connect Project to Scheduling Server
- TestList Tab - Schedule TestList: command button in the Ribbon as well as context menu appearing on right click over a test list.
- Results Tab - Adds ability to manager/delete run results from scheduling server.

Main IDE
- Fixed RecentProjects in Ribbon application menu cutting the first underscore in the project path text.

Project View
- Fixed read-only tests are set writable on change instead of prompting the user to overwrite.

TestLists View
- Fixed dynamic test list update doesn't modify the test count accordingly.
- Fixed test lists errors after "Revert from source control" operation.
- Creating a new test list respects the project UserSettings (BaseUrl, SilverlightConnectionTimeout).

- New option: run result publishing to scheduling server.
- Adds run result export to VS Result (.trx file) -- Export group -> VS Result File.
- Reload results from server also returns failing result data (browser image, DOM) at the time of failure. Exposed UI on server setup to choose the folder to collect result failure data.
- Reload Results from Scheduling Server downloads all the results to udpate them (we were previously skipping those already downloaded locally).
- Fixed run results errors after "Revert from source control" operation.
- Reload from server filters run result by start/date as well as by project.
- Connect project to scheduling server:
    - Register project detects whether the machine to connect to is already configured as scheduling server.
    - Fixed possible error on test connection.
- Schedule TestList:
    - Fixed incorrect detection of installed Chrome at the execution machine.
    - Selecting date + time manually by the user automatically closes the popup.
    - Detects whether the test list exectution browser is installed on the target machine.
- Fixed double-click on recurring scheduled run loading an unexpected edit dialog after deletion.
- Run result displays the name of the machine the test has been executed.

[Dev Edition]
- Fixed an issue where certain Test Explorer context menus did not disappear after selecting an item.

[RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Wrappers]
- Adds RadAsyncUpload control wrapper.
- Adds RadButton wrapper.
- Adds RadTagCloud control wrapper.
- Adds RadTreeListPager control wrapper.
- Editor: Fixed set html error due to quotes in the text.
- Menu: Adds MenuItem.Blur() method.
- Scheduler: Fixed .CalendarVisible property issue.
- DateInput: Fixed incorrect setting of .SelectDate property.
- Input: Added more TypeText() options.
- Grid: Fixed DataItem Collapse() method wait condition.
- Calendar: Updated .NavigateToDate() method to auto-refresh the element as well.

[RadControls for Silverlight Wrappers]

[RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Translators]
- Adds data extraction support - AsyncUpload, DataPager, ComboBox, Filter, ListBox, Menu, PanelBar, Scheduler, ToolBar, TreeView, Upload.
- Added RadAsyncUpload translator - upload action handling, added several verifications.
- Added RadTreeListPager translator - paging actions handling, CurrentPageIndex and Mode verifications.
- Added RadTagCloud translator.
- Input.TypeText action handling:
    - Added the ability to configure the typing speed.
    - Added option to set the text via the client API (enabled by UseClientApi behavior property).
- Fixed Grid translator does not record insert action when scrolling and static headers are enabled for the Grid.

[RadControls for SL Translators]
- Fixed ArgumentNullException for data extraction steps on test playback.
- ComboBox: New SelectItem action handling with ability to data-bind by text and index.
- Charting: Updated Labels handling.