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WebUI Test Studio Developer Archive 2010.2830

August 29, 2010

[Project Version Upgrade]
Project version is up. Once you upgrade (in QA and Dev Edition) you cannot load the upgraded project again with previous version. We automatically backup your project just in case.

- Adds support for tracking popups in Silverlight applications built with both Telerik.Windows.Controls and Telerik.WebUI.PopupTracker assemblies.
- PopupTracker is no longer necessary with versions of Silverlight v4 runtime that supports VisualTreeHelper.GetOpenPopups().
- Adds Silverlight FrameworkElement.ToolTipText property.
- Fixed an error handling chunk-encoded Silverlight apps in Firefox and Safari.
- Take Silverlight Popup margins into account when finding and highlighting elements.

- Start dialog monitoring earlier so we can catch dialogs that are created along with browser launch.
- Adds support for handling File Upload Dialog with Internet Explorer 7 on non-English OSs.
- Fixed an issue where IE7's download complete dialog was not being closed properly.

- Improved elements in nested frames scenarios support.

- Adds support for recording Silverlight apps within nested frames.
- Adds Silverlight.TooltipText verification quick task for all elements.
- Fixed errors finding Silverlight elements during automation when browser is transitioning to a new web page.

Test Execution:
- Log all executed step descriptions and results for Test as Steps along with regular test steps.
- Adds Test.InheritParentDataSource property for the sub test consuming the parent data (TestAsStep data-bound scenarios). The sub test with InheritParentDataSource property set doesn't need to be data-bound to get the parent data info.
- Fixed nested TestAsStep scenario multiplying the inner steps in the test result.
- Increased timeout for the runner to connect. This resolves a possible timeout exception on execution.
- Fixed tests no longer pass incorrectly when binding fails due to wrong binding expression.
- Fixed missing test path in data-driven test log.

- Improved Html's Content and InputTextBoxContent verifications failure info.
- Fixed attributes verification failing for comparisons other than 'Equals'.
- Fixed Wait for HTML attribute coded step doesn't work correctly.
- Improved attribute values verification error message.

- Fixed regression in the Storyboard recapture feature.
- Fixed an issue where re-loading a test directly after re-capturing its storyboard images would result in blank images.

Elements Explorer:
- Fixed exception when editing Silverlight app node in Elements Explorer.
- Fixed SilverlightApp node find expression change isn't persisted on project close/reopen.

Other improvements:
- Fixed connect to IE recorder failure in some scenarios.
- Fixed RunToStep ignores Silverlight Out-of-Browser RecorderHost.InternetExplorer setting.
- Fixed QuickExecution and RunToStep ignoring the Out-of-Browser SilvelrlightApp Test setting with respect to the application WebUrl.
- Fixed an issue where an incorrect project language was being detected on a project with a missing code behind file.
- Fixed unsaved files list doesn't run off the screen any more.
- Automatically save projects after upgrading them.
- TestCaseSelector dialog can be resized now.

[QA Edition]
Project View:
- Fixed project explorer file rename editor keeping old name when a rename fails.
- Improved error message when there's a name conflict renaming a file/folder/project.

Record View:
- AddTestAsStep dialog no longer displays the tests from the backup (created on upgrade) project.
- Inform user how to remove data from a test with an internal data table. We don't delete the local data table if user chooses to unbind the test.

TestLists View:
- Fixed cloning a TestList does not clone it's settings! That resulted in any single change in the clone settings reflected into the original TestList's ones.
- Fixed cloning of Dynamic TestList doesn't clone it's Filter object causing the same instance to be shared between the test lists.
- Adds DataPager to the GridView controls of the TestListView.TestsPane control and the AddDynamicTestList dialog.
- Improved synchronization between test list and test data.

Results View:
- Reworked the ResultView.TestResults run/test result summary adding the option to show the selected test result log.
- Fixed test result export to excel data format issue.

Result publishing:
- Fix for MS TeamFoundation build client -- possible exception on publishing results.
- Bug fix for incorrect result file name.

- Closing a project forces to stop loading any left test lists or run results. This resolves a possible loading of test lists/run results from separate projects.
- Fixed unnecessary creation of the empty run result's _files folder when the test passes (we keep the DOM explorer tree and the browser image in that folder whenever the test fails).

[Dev Edition]
- Reworked the elements code generation. We no longer produce file referencing elements that is part of the project.
- Fixed elements code generation issue on load of large projects.
- Fixed an issue where multi-project solutions in Visual Studio failed to find their elements code file during a build.

[RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Wrappers]
- RadUpload - modified the FileSelect method to handle RadAsyncUpload as well.

[RadControls for Silverlight Wrappers]
- Added new DateTimePicker, WaterMarkTextbox, DateTimePickerClock  Wrappers.
- Upload: Adds ErrorTooltipText property for the RadUpload wrapper class.
- ComboBox: Fixed drop down toggle action regression due to changed RadComboBox default template. Exposed the DropDownButton element as proprty.

[RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Translators]
- Fixed RadInput type recording does not work in some scenarios (when the control renders the innter elements in a table).
- Fixed RadInputManager translator does not access its client-side object properly.
- Upload -- Translator updated to handle flash objects for RadAsyncUpload.
- Editor -- SetText action is now data-driven via the ChangedText property.

[RadControls for SL Translators]
- Fixed string and numeric non-'Equal' comparisons failing due to incorrect arguments order.
- Upload -- adds error tooltip text verification quick task.
- ComboBox: Fixed drop down open/close action regression in execution and recording due to changed RadComboBox default template.