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Test Studio R3 2022 SP2

December 1, 2022

Test Studio R3 2022 SP2 (v. 2022.3.1201)


  • Added SSO (Single Sing-On) login option for Google accounts.


  • Ajax translators and wrappers improvements.

  • ClearTempFiles in ClearBrowserCache does not delete all cookies and local storage in extensionless and headless Chrome and Edge.

  • Support multiple files in upload dialog in extensionless and headless.

  • Id is not used for building find expressions when not consistent.

  • ChromeHeadless and EdgeChromiumHeadless can work with clipboard via keyboard shortcuts.


  • Alert, Confirm, Prompt and Logon dialogs not working in Chrome 107 with extension.

  • Prompt dialog not handled correctly in Edge 107.

  • Download dialog in Chrome 108 not working.

  • HtmlInputFile.Upload not working with extensionless Chrome and Edge.

  • Extensionless browsers not properly handling popups that navigate internally.

  • Recorder randomly fails to attach to JS browsers.

  • Wpf recorder is attached to initially hidden windows.

  • Edge calibration should hide the sidebar.

  • Product crashes.