Release History

By product

Test Studio Run-Time 2017.2530.1

May 29, 2017

What's New
- Scheduling: added capability for browser calibration on remote execution servers from Test Studio UI
- Scheduling: Execution Servers Browsers checks for Edge
- VS Plugin: added support for Visual Studio 2017

What's Changed

- Re-branding of Telerik Test Studio. The new name of the product is Progress® Test Studio®
- Firefox and  Chrome recording/execution extensions updated and rebranded for Progress® Test Studio®
- Log optimization: removed ActiveBrowser is invisible or disconnected message from log

What's Fixed

- Browsers support: handle Download dialog step in Internet Explorer 11 fails randomly on slow machines
- Browsers support: handling Login dialog not working in Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 Creators Update
- Browsers support: fixed Alert dialog handling in recording and execution for Chrome 58
- Browsers support: fixed new Chrome extensions to be compatible with older Test Studio versions
- Browsers support: Chrome execution extension randomly not loading on slow machines
- Browsers support: Chrome extensions start page does not detect installed extensions
- Browsers support: handling download dialog in MS Edge in Windows 10 Creators Update
- Browsers support: Real typing in Htmlnput fails when executed with MS Edge
- Browsers support: Extraction step fails in MS Edge
- Browsers support: Elements could not be located using Find.By in coded step and execution fails in MS Edge
- Scheduling: performance optimization of Storage uploader's -'GetCodedTestAsSteps' workflow for larger projects
- Scheduling: scheduling coded test code behind not found if test initially uploaded without code
- Scheduling: problem with remote execution log growing extremely big due to missing assembly warning