Release History

By product

Test Studio Run-Time 2017.1207.2

February 6, 2017

What's New:
- Export results to HTML and XML from command line runner and Results Viewer standalone
- Angular2 applications scripts triggered with regular click steps in Firefox
- Download dialogs handling in Edge

What's Changed:
- Browsers: Chrome extensions versions have been updated to match the product release version

What's Fixed:
- Execution: Clear Browser History does not work in Firefox 50.1
- Execution: Firefox 50.1.0 Alert/Confirm/Prompt dialogs not working
- Execution: Problem with Kendo UI ComboBox when test is executed in Edge
- Execution: Download dialog handling fails in Chrome v 55 (ChromeDownloadInProgress dialog signature changed)
- Execution: Ajax combobox execution not working in FF 50.0.2
- Execution: MicrosoftEdge execution on Html.GridDataCell clicks on wrong coordinates
- VS plugin: Reload VS Test project does not work/MVC Application cannot be published
- Chrome Automation: Chrome throws security error in a customer scenario with 'SimulateRealTyping' enabled
- Chrome Automation: Download dialogs handling in code fails for scenarios with second dialog
- Command Line Runner: Fixed FileNotFoundException in scenario with TFS project dependency
- Dialog Handling: Possible unhandled exceptions in scenarios on non-Edge browsers
- Dialog Handling: ArgumentException looking for browser child processes to monitor
- Execution: Failing an overridden OnAfterTestCompleted does not record executed steps in the execution log
- Execution: Maximize browser does not work after Drag&Drop step
- Execution: UnexpectedDialog HandleAndFailTest for data-driven tests fails all iterations
- Scheduling: Execution client breaks if the scheduling server url is typed without "http://"
- Scheduling: Execution may run the same test multiple times
- Scheduling: Scheduling Server can fail to attach to TFS due to conflict between jobs
- Scheduling: Get Latest from TFS gets stuck when renaming already scheduled test list