Release History

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Test Studio Run-Time 2016.3928.5

September 27, 2016

What's New:
    * Angular Automation: Improved handling of set text actions for Angular inputs depending on OnInput JS event
    * Microsoft Edge: Support for latest Edge dialogs on Windows 10 Anniversary Update
    * Scheduling: Performance on upload and download (Storage, TFS) during execution has been improved
What's Fixed:
- Calibration Chrome: Browser calibration for Zoom level is not working for Chrome
- Calibration MS Edge: Edge setting block popups not included for calibration
- Command Line Runner: FileNotFoundException using environment variables in WPF execution
- Edge Automation: Multiple native dialogs handling (alert, confirm, prompt) doesn't work in Edge
- Edge Automation: Execution hangs as Not Responding against Sitefinity dashboard
- Edge Automation: isChecked verification fails in Edge (InvokeScript problem in frames)
- Execution: Serializable attribute throws an exception during execution
- Execution API: ExecutionContext.ExecutingTestAsStep does not work for nested test as steps
- Execution Logical Steps: Data-bound FileUpload step within IF statement doesn't work properly
- Execution Test Lists: Incorrect browsers settings in multi-browser execution
- Execution WPF: Delay executing WPF tests
- Execution WPF: Test Studio cannot identify one of two WPF windows in a customer specific application
- Firefox Automation: "TypeError: historyService.removeAllPages is not a function" error in Firefox 48.0 ClearBrowserCache (ClearHistory) step
- Framework Web: CheckBox and RadioButton Check actions does not work correctly (for Chrome please update to latest Web Store recording and playback extensions)
- Internet Explorer Automation: Select step in dropdown triggers OnChange twice in IE
- Internet Explorer Automation: Invoke OnBlur fails with exception in IE
- Scheduling: Scheduling data-driven test with '.' symbol in data table column name fails
- Scheduling: Execution server silently fails if it cannot connect to TFS for running TFS connected project
- Scheduling: Exception during remote run blocks scheduling setup and hangs execution
- Scheduling: Can't reach remote executor errors incorrectly failing the run
- Scheduling: Emails have different timestamps in notifications compared to the attached word/excel files
- Scheduling: Test resourse files (.resx) incorrectly uploaded to and downloaded from storage slowing down execution
- Scheduling: Needlessly download from storage if the scheduled run is also going to get latest from TFS slows down execution
- Scheduling: Run with get latest from TFS uploads project to storage needlessly
- Scheduling: Incorrectly sending notification email if "on unexpected error" has been set in Notification Settings
- Scheduling: Scheduling execution errors are not clear in the log