Release History

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Test Studio Run-Time 2015.31314.2

January 13, 2016

What's New:
- Installer: Chrome Extensions are automatically loaded by Chrome on browser launch
- Scheduling: Setup for MongoDB connection string extended to check for invalid port values
- Exploratory Tool: Added clear option to reset a captured image

What's Fixed:
- Command Line Runner: Missing to regenerate Pages.g file for element changes in tests (out of the code)
- Dialog Handling: OnBeforeUnload dialog is not handled when executing with Chrome
- Dialog Handling: DialogMonitor does not handle a WPF SaveAs dialog
- Dialog Handling: Failure to handle Chrome specific download dialog in a popup
- Execution Chrome: Tests that need Admin privileges may fail if Chrome has a background process still running
- Execution Chrome and Firefox: Element.Refresh() is throwing XmlException parsing specific client application HTML
- Execution IE: Run breaks with OutOfMemory exception in a customer specific application in Windows8/IE11
- Execution WPF: ComboBox Select Item step is timing out
- Framework: Element.Refresh() memory leak
- Framework WPF: Open and close of a WPF window leaks memory
- Licensing: SaaS incorrect detection of expiration date
- Scheduling: Execution extensions are not working on remote runs after product upgrade until rebuilt
- Scheduling: Command line runner fails to run a test list with external assembly
- Scheduling: Command line runner fails to upload load tests
- Scheduling: Executing with Scheduling CommandLine client prompts with error for missing class
- Scheduling: The Execution Server incorrectly displays Windows 10 machine as Windows 8
- Scheduling: Command line runner in 2015.3 fails to upload projects
- Scheduling: Possible NullReference exception trying to schedule specific project
- Silverlight & WPF: Specific tests containing Property Verification may fail to load with 2015.3 release