Release History

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Test Studio Run-Time 2015.31015

October 14, 2015

What's New:
- Firefox Extensions Signed/Validated - recorder and playback extensions are now signed as required by Mozilla for compatibility with future Firefox versions
- Framework jQuery: Get non-string values back from InvokejQueryFunction
- Scheduling: Server, Storage and Client configurations are persisted on upgrade
- WPF Automation: Exposed Source of WPF Image element

What's Changed:
- Scheduling Storage Database migrated from SQL to MongoDB
- Scheduling Server and Storage Setup combined into one and the same UI tool, database configuration excluded from the installer

What's Fixed:
- Command Line Runner: Null argument exception running test list the first time a VS project is compiled
- Command Line Runner: ArtOfTest.Runner creates an empty Pages.cs file running a test
- Execution WPF: Specific customer application crashes running related tests on Windows 8.1
- Framework: Possible "Document is not ready to retrieve its markup." error on test playback
- Framework Chrome: "Telerik.TestingFramework.Hosts.Manager stopped working" error with Chrome in case of multiple tabs (Chrome playback extension updated to 2014.2.618.12 on Chrome Web Store)
- Framework Chrome: Chrome 46 gets uncalibrated after opening and closing the browser
- Framework Firefox/Chrome: Unhandled exceptions in Telerik.TestingFramework.Hosts.Manager (Chrome playback extension updated to 2014.2.618.11 on Chrome Web Store)
- Framework HTML: WaitForElement throws TargetInvocationException instead of TimeoutException on slow network
- Framework Internet Explorer: "Unable to cast COM object" execution error on HtmlSelect step with customer specific application
- Scheduling: Upgrading already configured execution server resets its configuration
- Scheduling: Test Studio log increases each 5 seconds when Scheduling Client is not running
- Scheduling: Test Studio pings the local machine for storage service even if no scheduling is configured
- Scheduling: Scheduling Services logging leads to huge log
- Scheduling: Incorrect status for unavailable scheduling server
- Scheduling Storage: Unable to start the service on plain Windows 10 machine