Release History

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Test Studio Run-Time 2015.1528

May 27, 2015

What's New:
- Command Line Runner: Added option to set WPF DefaultPath setting runtime

What's Changed:
- Local test list execution no longer loads all tests prior to starting execution - playback starts way faster now for large test lists
- Execution Silverlight/WPF: Element Collapsed verification incorrectly passes when element is not available - fixed to report element is not found

What's Fixed:
- Dialog Handling: Download dialog for already existing file fails on second handle
- Execution Silverlight: RunFromHere may fail with "Unable to determine the type of SL element" error
- Execution Test As Step: Coded test execution result includes duplicated test as step call in a data driven scenario
- Execution Web: Run To Here in FF causes RadWindow to unexpectedly close
- Execution Web: Firefox execution may hang before navigate step
- Execution Web: Quick Execution finalizes the Run in FF/Chrome for 10+ seconds for specific tests
- Execution WPF: A child RadWindow appears behind the Main app window on test playback
- Framework: Alt+key not working as expected
- Framework: CompareUtils.StringCompare throwing NullReference when verifying empty input value
- Framework Chrome and Firefox: Simulate Real Click and Typing are failing for sites with nested frames (Chrome playback extension updated to 2014.2.618.9 on Chrome Web Store)
- Framework Chrome: Incorrect handling of domain attribute when setting cookies
- Framework Firefox: Playback is stuck if annotation is turned on
- Framework Firefox: Unable to connect to some popups, throws OperationCanceledException
- Framework Firefox: Actions.InvokeScript using FF may yield mozCommandProcessor: InternalError: too much recursion
- Framework HTML: HtmlSelect.SelectByPartialValue fails if the value contains "&"
- Manual Test Runner: Hitting backspace to delete a character from a comment unexpectedly goes back to Steps 1 & 2.