Release History

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Test Studio Run-Time 2013.21327

January 26, 2014

What's New:

- Support for IE11
- Support for latest Chrome 32
- Added new command line tool (Telerik.TestStudio.CommandLineClient.exe) to run test lists remotely via scheduling supporting publishing results to the server

What's Fixed:

- Dialog Handling: Cannot handle a dialog downloading a zip file in IE11
- Dialog Handling: Logon Dialogs are not being handled in Chrome and Firefox 
- Execution API: TestResult.ExecutionType returns 'QuickExecution' in OnAfterTestCompleted regardless the execution type
- Execution API: RunResult.LoadFromFile returns NullReferenceException
- Execution Data-Driven: Data-driven drop-down selection written in code fails to choose available option by text when it contains a non breaking space ( )
- Execution Dialogs: Handle Dialog steps timing out in all tests that follow a failed test within a test list
- Execution Remote: Images are missing for failing test as steps in remote execution
- Execution Scheduling: Scheduled run mails time in subject is wrong
- Execution Scheduling: Can not change subject in email notification
- Execution Scheduling: Result email message always says "The result is not complete"
- Execution Test Lists: Test list execution fails after upgrade looking for older assembly version
- Execution Test Lists: executing a test list with coded tests twice throws "error CS0016: Could not write to output file" 
- Execution Test Lists: No image/DOM captured for failing test as steps in remote execution 
- Execution Test Lists: No change button in test runner
- Execution Command Line: Unable to run WPF tests with "Use default application path" option
- Framework Internet Explorer: IE11 throws InvalidArgumentException on test run (Win 8.1)
- Framework WPF: ScrollToVisible method on item in panel scrolls the panel but item is underneath horizontal scroll bar if one is present
- Framework Silverlight: Customer SL test playback intermittently stalls on some environments 
- Framework RadControls: ScrollToVisible method on item in RadTreeView scrolls panel but item is underneath horizontal scroll bar if one is present 
- Framework RadControls: DragToTick method for RadSlider (SL & WPF) throws FindElementException