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Test Studio Run-Time 2013.1911

September 10, 2013

What's New:
Support for dialog handling in Chrome 29
Installer: Safari extension is installed internally; removed the annoying Safari popup on install
Command Line Runner: Reports the test result in the console window

What's Fixed:
Browsers Firefox: Specific JS fails in Firefox, not IE or Chrome
Browsers IE: Unable to execute JavaScript functions in FF if the return type is array
Browsers Safari: In a customer application, click step in Safari opens 3 compose windows instead of one
Browsers: Data-driven radio button behavior per browser not consistent
Bug Tracking: Auto-submit option doesn't work
Bug Tracking: Auto-submitted bugs from a failed test list don't have attachments
Bug Tracking: TFS Bugs are logged on behalf of the licensing user instead of the user that was used to connect to the TFS server
Command Line Runner: Misleading error displayed trying to run excluded test
Execution Dialogs: A specific dialog cannot be handled by Firefox
Execution Dialogs: ArtOfTest.Runner crashes when executing upload dialog in Chrome on Windows 8
Execution Dialogs: Update causing applications to display unexpected dialogs that aren't be handled
Execution Silverlight: Wrong coordinates for Relative location verification in Silverlight
Execution Test As Step: Expected failure image is not shown if the failed step is executed as a part of test as step
Execution Test Lists: Test List Runs have been significantly improved
Execution Test Lists: Dynamic test lists calculated slowly in remote runs
Execution Test Lists: Internationalization issues with the Execution Server failing to start
Execution Test Lists: Recycle browser setting for test lists is not working
Execution Test Lists: RunTest Api call doesn't work in remote test list runs
Execution WPF: Failing to detect/handle the RadControls for WPF trial warning
Execution WPF: Issue with performing Click on Radmenu in WPF
Execution WPF: Some steps performing Relative location verification are failing with exception
Execution: RunHelper is causing AOT.Runner to hang
Framework Silverlight Click step recorded against a Silverlight element, doesn't scroll the element to a visible position before performing the click. 
Framework Silverlight: Invoking "ExpandAllHierarchyItems" method on Silverlight grid throws error.
Framework WPF: WPF Memory leak when trying to test modal dialogs.
Framework WPF: WPF Windows duplicate their Content
Framework XAML: TargetInitializationException running framework WPF or SL test
Framework: ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.BrowserType' is obsolete warning
Framework: ConfigurationErrorsException running the framework Sample unit tests in VS2012
Framework: Test Studio does not correctly report IsForegroundWindow