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Test Studio Run-Time 2013.1806

August 5, 2013

Cross-browser Test Recorder

Record your automated tests in any supported browser you like! The new Test Studio supports recording in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox in addition to the previously supported Internet Explorer. You’re now able to both playback and record in any of our supported browsers. This extended support frees you from cumbersome web browser dependencies.

Next-gen Test Recording and Playback Experience

The long awaited cross-browser test recording features are accompanied by a brand new, light-weight recording surface with innovative UI. The new recording surface makes it even easier and faster for you to create great automated tests.

The elements menu presents you with an intuitive way to navigate among interface options, quick steps and quick actions for the selected element. With the new release, Test Studio displays the recording toolbar at the bottom of the browser. Expanded, the recording toolbar accommodates all the actions and verifications you can perform on the page.

Internet Explorer still gives you all the great support you’ve come to expect for working with Silverlight applications.

Entirely Rebuilt Test Scheduling and Execution Infrastructure

New enhancements to our scheduling and execution infrastructure make it even easier for teams to get their tests running:

  • Easily set up all the machines in your testing environment for remote execution of functional, load and performance tests.
  • Speed up your test lists by scheduling them for parallel execution across multiple execution servers. You’ll get your results back in a fraction of the time!
  • Get better test coverage by mixing your functional, performance, and load tests into one test list!

Load Testing Enhancements

Crafting load tests with Test Studio 2013 R1 is even easier than before. You no longer need to take care of installing the load testing components separately or configuring your load testing services – Test Studio does this for you automatically.

Design your test by setting the agents and allocating virtual users among them; create your user profiles and you are ready to go:

Product Performance Enhancements

We dedicated time and resources to enhance Test Studio’s performance and optimize the memory footprint for all our components. We made sure Test Studio is lightweight and snappy even when dealing with extra-big projects!

UI overhaul

Test Studio’s UI was completely renovated with this release. Our goal was to make your experience even more enjoyable and intuitive. Let us know what you think about it!

While using the latest product version, please, bear in mind that it’s never too late to influence the development of Test Studio – here at Telerik we do appreciate your honest feedback and do our best to weave it in our product development plans.