Release History

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Test Studio Run-Time 2012.21420

February 19, 2013


- Changed: SilverlightConnectTimeout is increased from 30 to 60 seconds. [Story #39373]
- Changed: ClientReadyTimeout is increased from 30 to 60 seconds. [Story #39373]
- Changed: ElementWaitTimeout is increased from 10 to 30 seconds. [Story #39373]

- Fixed FormatException in GetRectangle(). [Bug #172570]

Silverlight & WPF:
- Changed: VisualFind default wait on elements timeout is up to 30 seconds. [Story #39373]

- Fixed possible InvalidOperationException on launching WPF application. [Bug #174140]

- Fixed ThreadAbortException being thrown at the end of the test even if the test has been reported to pass. [Bug #174869, PITS #13863]

- Fixed Shift key not being released case.


- Fixed playback freezes on long test run in IE9. [Bug #168031, PITS #13036]
- Fixed taken memory keeps stacking up when test fails. [Bug #152668, PITS #10946]
- Fixed the memory used by the Telerik.TestStudio.exe process is not been released after a log run completes. [Bug #163683, PITS #12522]
- Fixed Caret (^) symbol only inserts host portion of Project BaseUrl into FrameInfo BaseUrl field. [Bug #173092, PITS #13649]
- Fixed FileUpload dialog handler throwing FormatException in Silverlight OOB. [Bug #172594, PITS #13601]
- Fixed Inherit parent data leads to wrong iteration index in a test as step execution scenario. [Bug #173799, PITS #13725]
- Fixed test list execution failing to load test doesn't point the user to the problematic test. [Bug #175091, PITS #13894]
- Fixed a WPF execution problem for specific apps changing the visual tree on click causing the next action to fail with FindElementException. [Bug 177700, PITS #14073]
- Fixed InvalidOperationException when selecting from HTML Select element by index. [Bug #40300, Portal Problem #40298]
- Fixed Dialog handle steps may timeout in Firefox if you use the default timeout of 5000ms. [Bug #164316]
- Fixed Runner throwing unhandled exception in case of corrupted data source. [Bug #175032]
- Fixed Runner hanging in case of test list with execution browser set as AspNetHost. [Bug #173042]

[Common (Standalone + VS)]

- Fixed manual deactivation link used to point to an obsolete address. [Bug #39670]

- Fixed recorder crashing with RunToHere against a customer Silverlight application. [Bug #172021, PITS #13563]
- Fixed customer WPF application crashing on recording. [Bug #173897, PITS #13744]
- Fixed Recording using IE 10 leaves the FileUploadPath field empty on Handle FileUpload dialog step. [Bug #171573, PITS #13526]
- Fixed Recorder fails to attach after using 'Run to Here' option in test recorded against specific Microsoft CRM application. [Bug #176251, PITS #14008]
- Fixed recording type text in wrong text box for Silverlight windowless app. [Bug #40324, #40192, Portal Problem #40326, #40283]
- Fixed Silverlight/WPF RadRichTextBox highlighting issues. [Bug #175398, PITS #13934]
- Fixed Problem recording tooltip verification in WPF. [Bug #176162, PITS #14003]
- Fixed possible adding multiple dialog handler steps during recording in IE 10. [Bug #171579]
- Fixed multiple select is not recorded in a HTML ListBox control, normal select is not always recorded. [Bug #174932]
- Fixed WPF highlighting doesn't work for a specific app. [Bug #40088]

- NEW: Exposed new DialogTitle property for WPF Open and SafeFile dialog handling. [Bug #162927, #153257, PITS #12391, #10879]
- NEW: Exposed new WaitForNoMotionCheckInterval property for WPF and Silverlight actions and verifications. [Bug #173100]
- Fixed coded step faulure details are missing in the Step Debug Failure UI after quick execution. [Bug #174652, PITS #13830]
- Fixed recapture storyboard execution throwing ArgumentNullException, introduced with internal build 2012.2.1317. [Bug #40701]

Project Settings:
- Changed: Default SilverlightConnectTimeout is up from 10 to 30 seconds. [Story #39373]
- Changed: Default QuickExecution ClientReadyTimeout is up from 10 to 30 seconds. [Story #39373]
- Changed: Default QuickExecution ElementWaitTimeout is up from 10 to 30 seconds. [Story #39373]
- Changed: Check for update notification for internal builds is off by default. [Bug #39505]

Test Step Properties:
- Changed: Default WaitOnElementsTimeout for all step is up from 10 to 30 seconds. [Story #39373]
- Changed: Default Timeout for verifications acting as waits is increased from 10 to 30 seconds. [Story #39373]

Data Binding:
- Fixed unable to see the data on binding a test in case of a space in the Excel worksheet name or styles. [Bug #173916, PITS #13746]
- Fixed unhandled exception changing the verification's datasource of an IF step. [Bug #173444, PITS #13695]

Test Explorer:
- Fixed a possible unhandled exception in case of drag and drop "if" step beyond the step area. [Bug #173457]
- Fixed delete of an if/else step from test explorer keeps bad data leading to unhandled exception on next step recording. [Bug #131600]
- Fixed unhandled exception on undo with logical steps scenario. [Bug #40673]

Find Expression Builder:
- Fixed change element option always prompts to save changes. [Bug #172170]


Load Testing:
- Fixed Cookies are recorded along with other HTTP headers of a load test. [Bug #167482, PITS #12951]
- Fixed Data driven load test will double URL encode non data driven web form during POST. [Bug #175403, PITS #13935]
- Fixed Databound variables in load tests are not updated properly. [Bug #167473, PITS #12950]
- Fixed Capture Fails in Load with Certificate Error. [Bug #39757]
- Fixed Capturing traffic from existing test fails with IE10 on Windows 8. [Bug #39775]
- Fixed Redirects are being auto followed by Load Agents resulting in duplicate traffic. [Bug #175619]
- Fixed Cookies lower cased cookies. [Bug #175620]
- Fixed 100 Continues being sent by Load Agent. [Bug #175621]
- Fixed unhandled NullReference exception when selecting a browser for capturing traffic from existing Web test. [Bug #39486]
- Fixed Data binding load test with invalid range may cause unhandled exception. [Bug #39774]
- Fixed HTTP request cookie header parsing. [Bug #39668]

Performance Testing:
- Fixed Exporting Performance Results to Word or Excel not working properly. [Bug #131553, PITS #8003]

Project View:
- Fixed Folders containing slashes in their name are not generated correctly. [Bug #173957, PITS #13753]
- Fixed exclude from project may cause out of memory. [Bug #175250]
- Fixed lost focus on deleting nodes. [Bug #174619]
- Fixed displaying IsTestFragment causes confusion. [Problem #19554]
- Fixed NullReference exception when excluding a test from project with compilation error, introduced with internal build 2012.2.1317. [Bug #40896]

Coded Tests:
- Fixed removing test steps and code switching between different type of coded tests. [Bug #40285, #40459, Public #40206]
- Fixed a coded step description silently fails to be parsed giving no feedback to the user. [Bug #173912]
- Fixed unable to display compilation errors in case of running a test from a VB project. [Bug #41073]

Test Lists:
- NEW: Dynamic list rules include "NotContains" comparison. [Bug #155709, PITS #11196]
- Fixed Run list persisting results may throw SerializationException. [Bug #173959, PITS #13777]
- Fixed UI problems displaying tests in grid of Dynamic Test lists. [Bug #39867]
- Fixed erroneously adding tests to the test lists for selected test on scrolling. [Bug #39785]

Results View:
- Fixed Scheduling results from datadriven tests iterations are not sorted properly. [Bug #172829]

TeamPulse Integration:
- Fixed missing Add & Remove test case buttons in the dialog for setting acceptance criteria. [Bug #174062]

[Visual Studio Plugin]
- VS 2012:
- Fixed FileNotFoundException executing test not in project root in VS 2012. [Bug #173817, PITS #13731]
- Fixed Test Explorer does not discover Test Studio tests. [Bug #40558, Portal #40414]
- Fixed Unexpected "known types" error thrown in Visual Studio 2012 during execution. [Bug #40861, Portal #40901]
- Fixed New coded steps don't compile in Visual Studio 2012. [Bug #40531, Portal #40415]
- Fixed Value cannot be null error when running new empty test from Test Explorer. [Bug #41138]
- Fixed Test Explorer RunAll option does not trigger TS tests to run. [Bug #41141]
- Fixed "Customize step in code" in VS 2012 throws null reference exception due to missing Pages.cs file. [Bug #40375]
- Fixed copy/pasted test isn't discovered in Test Explorer.
- Fixed After closing the solution, tests are not cleared from text explorer. [Bug #40565]
- Fixed test discovery doesn't work for closed or not docked test explorer. [Bug #41232]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception in VS on selecting local data test explorer view. [Bug #174082]
- Fixed WPF coded step does not add reference to external assembly built against .Net 4.5 in the settings file. [Bug #40058]
- Fixed Kendo wrapper reference missing in project template leading to compile error. [Bug #40710]
- Fixed Page & element changes are not persisted unless test in open in Visual Studio. [Bug #158523, PITS #11649]
- Fixed Having both WPF and Web tests with code in one project fails to generate Pages.cs file correctly. [Bug #40377]
- Fixed Occasionally the elements explorer is not loaded in Visual Studio. [Bug #40844]
- Fixed unhandled exception for Step Builder in VS when step builder is open, close project and select element from it. [Bug #40795]

[RadControls for AJAX]
- NEW: RadGauge control wrappers and translators.
- Added RadTreeViewItem.Expandable property. [Bug #170554, PITS #13370]
- Added support for fields drag-drop inside the configuration panel.
- Added a BlurAfterTyping property for RadInput typing action.
- Added internal scroll to visible action in handling RadAsyncUpload. [Bug #165038]
- Added RadComboBox.DropDownWidth property and built-in verification.
- Added AutoCompleteBox.EmptyMessage built-in verification.
- Fixed Default RadTreeView control to bring up ContextMenu displays error message on playback. [Bug #176101, PITS #13999]
- Fixed RadTreeViewItem.Expand action generates no code. [Bug #173204]
- Fixed RadGrid records select command when column resizing is enabled.
- Fixed PivotGrod.DragDrop action auto scroll to be visible.

[RadControls for Silverlight/WPF]
- Added RadPropertyGrid control wrappers.
- Added RadMap control wrappers.
- Added RadChartView control wrappers for Range, RangeBar, ScatterSpline and ScatterSplineAreas.
- RadRibbonView:
- Fixed control wrapper names.
- Added RadRibbonGallery control wrapper with IsCompressed and CompressedThreashold build-in verifications.
- Added RadRibbonGroup.Variant property and built-in verification.
- Exposed .CurrentSize property and built-in verification for all ribbon buttons.
- RadMaskedInput:
- Added RadMaskedInput.Value property and built-in verification.
- Fixed default clicks recorded incorrectly leading to useless set text steps during playback.
- RadDiagram: Added control wrappers and translators for DiagramRuler DiagramNavigationPane, SettingsPane.
- Added RadWatermarkTextBox.IsWatermarkVisible property and built-in verification.
- Fixed RadListBox.Items and RadListBoxItem.IsSelected & .IsHighlighted problems.
- Changed: Moved the deprecated RadRibbonBar into new namespaces - Telerik.WebAii.Controls.Xaml.RibbonBar & Telerik.WebAii.Controls.Xaml.Wpf.RibbonBar.

- Fixed unable to get the count of KengoGrid items (compatibility with the latest Kendo UI Grid). [Bug #173839, PITS #13732]
- Fixed KendoUI item count verification builder doesn't display the item count. [Bug #174328]