Release History

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Test Studio Run-Time 2012.21204

December 3, 2012

Feature List Highlights:
- Check for Update - new product version notification service
- Search tests and steps
- Scheduling:
- TFS get latest prior to execution
- Customizable emails
- XAML: New codeless scrolling action in virtualized panels.



- NEW: Enhanced jQuery namespace with a jQuery wrapper of the HtmlControl as well as jQueryEventsObject. One can trigger a jQuery event from the API like this: myHtmlControl.AsJQueryControl().InvokeJQueryEvent(ArtOfTest.WebAii.jQuery.jQueryControl.jQueryControlEvents.change);

- Fixed GetComputedStyleValue() does not work in FireFox. [Bug #163709, PITS #12530]
- Fixed frame identification failing in Firefox. [Bug #167512, #168041, PITS #12953, #13041]
- Fixed Confirm dialog not handled in FF. [Bug #164433, PITS #12642] 
- Fixed NullReference exception in HtmlControl.IsVisible. [Bug #166741]
- Fixed Click on a button that closes pop-up window failure in Firefox. [Bug #164424]

Chrome & Safari:
- Fixed HtmlControl.InvokeEvent using "dragstart" results in Timed out waiting for command to be handled. [Bug #159769, PITS #11855]
- Fixed Handle LogON dialog is not working in Chrome 22. [Bug #165666, PITS #12785]
- Fixed frame identification failing in Chrome. [Bug #168041, PITS #13041]
- Fixed exception upon calling WaitForFrame in Chrome. [Bug #165838, PITS #12815]
- Fixed error executing specific AJAX test: BuildFrames().Error:TypeError: Cannot call method 'getBoundingClientRect' of undefined. [Bug #168533]
- Fixed Drag&Drop failing in Safari 5.1. [Bug #136246] 
- Fixed Safari Download dialog handler will not wait for the download to finish but it will pass immediately. [Bug #152847]
- Fixed Safari extension upgrade problem from extension version 2012.1.608. [Bug #166628]
- Fixed Chrome configuration status incorrect JavaScript registry check.

- Fixed Once logged into customers website, WaitUntilReady always times out on every action in IE. [Bug #163087, PITS #12419]
- Fixed Clear cache command freezes IE10. [Bug #168953, PITS #13156]
- Fixed wrong IE10 configuration status for the first call. [Bug #164808]
- Fixed possible exception creating registry keys on auto configuring IE. [Bug #166115]

- Fixed InvalidOperationException when selecting a value in HtmlSelect control and the InvokeSelectionChanged is set to True. [Bug #169344]

XAML (Silverlight & WPF):
- Fixed Clicks in secondary Silverlight pane are recording as clicks on pane underneath for a customer application. [Bug #163871, PITS #12559]
- Fixed Searching by AutomationId returns first element ignoring the type. [Bug #166271, PITS #12837]
- Fixed ComboBox.SelectItemByText incorrectly passes setting a text to exclude by (text starting with '-' character needs to be escaped by '). [Bug #164166, PITS #12604]
- Fixed Cannot get ToolTipText for RadPivotGrid's cell. [Bug #164366]
- Fixed SilverlightApp.ElementsFromPoint returns only the VisualTree.Root elements. [Bug #165040, PITS #12712]
- Fixed problem connecting to multiple WPF app windows. [Bug #166361]

- Fixed Upload dialog should be populated instantaniously on playback. [Bug #170127, PITS #13324]

- Fixed The Shift key is not released after performing multiple selection in a ListBox. [Bug #164116]


- NEW: Added support for SQL 2012. [Bug #149134, PITS #12714]
- Fixed execution server UI freezes during execution of a specific long data driven test list. [Bug #163218]
- Fixed data bound result iterations are duplicated after going through the scheduling DB. [Bug #164361]
- Fixed recursive file copying issue when Scheduling PSL = ES test execution folder. [Bug #155724]
- Fixed Configure Scheduling server application throws unhandled exception when setting up SMTP. [Bug #168906]
- Fixed incorrect data on setting up server database causes problems on configuring the next time.

Execution Silverlight and WPF:
- Fixed Cannot verify Silverlight multi-line TextBlock element. [Bug #164853, PITS #12679]
- Fixed poblems recording against Silverlight pop-up window, triggered automatically when another pop-up window is closing. [Bug #167600, PITS #12980]
- Fixed KeyNotFoundException exception thrown on a customer application's Silverlight tab control. [Bug #168141, PITS #13051]
- Fixed ExecutionEngine.InitializeWpf() throwing NullReference exception executing test against specific WPF application. [Bug #169489, PITS #13221]
- Fixed Significant delay observed before execution begins on WPF application. [Bug #170204, PITS #13341]

Execution Dialogs:
- Fixed When RecycleBrowser is set and an unexpected dialog shows up, following tests are not executed. [Bug #165592, PITS #12774]
- Fixed Handle Download dialog steps in sequence misbehavior. [Bug #166236, PITS #12833]
- Fixed No image captured when Unexpected Dialog Handler aborts the test. [Bug #165591]

Execution Bug Trackers:
- Fixed Automatic bug submission generates multiple TFS bug reports on single conditional subtest step failure. [Bug #170328, PITS #13357]
- Fixed optimized execution to avoid searching and loading bug trackers in case there is no bug tracking setup. [Bug #166837]
- Fixed Test Execution can't start if there is not fully implemented custom bug tracker. [Bug #167462]

- CHANGED: Test fails now if an element cannot be found according to the primary find logic. Previously finding according to the backup search let the test to incorrectly pass. [Bug #165093. PITS #13018]
- NEW: Command line runner argument "persistOnEachStep" (default "false") to build and update a run result on each test step execution so that we don't end without feedback in case of browser crash. [Bug #163388]
- NEW: Command line runner argument "settings" specifying the path to a an XML file containing the list of execution settings to override as well as custom settings one can obtain in code via ExecutionContext.Params["key"]. The XML can be loaded runtime as well via .Params.LoadFromXmlFile(filePath).
- Fixed Test using utility DLL does not compile from command line. [Bug #170739, PITS #13394]
- Fixed UriFormatException when navigating to a client's application. [Bug #167786]
- Fixed Image captured at the time of failure is blank on Win8 machine. [Bug #160910]
- Fixed Aborting test list does not close browser. [Bug #163214]

[Common (Test Studio & Visual Studio)]

NEW: Check for Update
- Notifies if a new version is published
- Ability to configure the service to notify for official or/and internal builds
- Get version and release notes
- Download .MSI and upgrade automatically.

- Fixed unable to activate a trial after upgrading Test Studio with expired license. [Bug #165041]

Project Load:
- Fixed possible unhandled exception on opening project in latest version due to broken test step which test was being ignored in previous versions. [Bug #168034, PITS #13037]

Execution QuickExe:
- CHANGED: Quick execution result summary in data driven scenarios now shows iteration data instead of the totals. Changes the data as per the selected iteration. [Bug #147889, PITS #10066]
- Fixed unable to run with UseHttpProxy on in Test Studio quick execution. Exposed a "Http Proxy" into the general settings of the project. [Bug #113054, PITS #5451]
- Fixed Intermittently TS hangs after launching FF to execute test. [Bug #169358, PITS #13204]
- Fixed Clicking on the "Submit bug" button in visual debugger throws null reference error when execution is paused manually. [Bug #164775]
- Fixed The name of a verification step doesn't change automatically when the verification string is changed from the visual debugger. [Bug #167980]

- NEW: NavigateTo can be configured to not decode the URL escape symbols. [Bug #169970, PITS #13303]
- NEW: BaseWebAiiTest.OnBeforeTestStarted adds arguments (the original method is deprecated). One can cancel the test execution according to custom condition. [Bug #164978]
- Fixed recording of extra steps on playback with "Run Selected Steps". [Bug #162849]

Recording in HTML:
- NEW: jQuery selection changed event is detected upon recording against HTML DropDown and ListBox so that can be triggered upon execution. [Bug #108420]
- Fixed login in a microsoft CRM website doesn't get recorded. [Bug #167652]

Recording in Silverlight and WPF:
- NEW: Scrolling in virtualized panels action for Silverlight and WPF. Exposed new virtualized panels translators for MS and RadControls. The action steps are also listed as steps suggestions. [Bug - Fixed clicks against SL TreeView subbranches in a customer application are not recorded. [Bug #168136, PITS #13049]
- Fixed cannot connect to SL app contained in IE modal window. [Bug #163954, PITS #12574]
- Fixed Keystrokes are not recorded properly in customer Silverlight application. [Bug #169014, PITS #13166]
- Fixed A customer WPF Application hangs upon connecting the recorder. [Bug #144321, PITS #9566]
- Fixed Text Typing into input fields of customers app misses many keystrokes. [Bug #148669, PITS #10195]
- Fixed a TextBlock is not recognized in Silverlight for RadDiagram. [Bug #167415]

Recording IE problems:
- Fixed IE hangs attaching the recorder to specific popup window. [Bug #164389, PITS #12633]
- Fixed IE memory leak during recording. [Bug #163213]
- Fixed IE hangs during recording for a customer ASP.NET application. [Bug #164351]
- Fixed an unhandled UI automation exception on attaching the recorder on specific machines (mostly XPs). [Bug #165209]

- Fixed Actions performed on a particular pop up window are not getting recorded. [Bug #166553, PITS #12870]
- Fixed Windows Authentication login generates 'Generic' Dialog Handler in Windows XP and Server 2003. [Bug #161355, PITS #12114]
- Fixed Adding element with custom name could have the input focused. [Bug #167568, PITS #12967]
- Fixed highlighting stops working after RunSelected is performed in specific scenario. [Bug #159770]
- Fixed Close pop-up step cannot be executed after recording. [Bug #167355]
- Fixed Stops recording NavigateTo steps after closing popup during recording. [Bug #169453]
- Fixed NavigateTo step will skip recording every second time. [Bug #140175]

Coded Tests:
- Fixed possible compilation error in page elements generation if the page node name differs by the string "Page" only. [Bug #168908, PITS #13149]
- Fixed Tests with '@' symbol in name cannot customize steps in code. [Bug #163999, PITS #12582]
- Fixed Inheriting from a base class (which inherits BaseWebAiiTest) on project level fails to generate code file. [Bug #167604]
- Fixed coded tests namespaces are not updated the first time project is opened/created including the tests. [Bug #165706]

Data Binding:
- NEW: Excel binding supports 256+ columns sheets. [Bug #161619, PITS #12160]
- Fixed Cannot concatenate two data variables in one data bound step. [Bug #168644, PITS #13119]
- Fixed Find expression data binding cannot be saved in some scenarios with local data. [Bug #165613]

Test Explorer:
- NEW: Ability to search steps and filter by type (actions, verifications, logical).
- Fixed possible unhandled exception selecting a failed test step after resolving the failure. [Bug #167421]
- Fixed Double click on a coded step scrolls down to the test end in case of scrollbar. [Bug #165549]
- Fixed copy/paste coded steps inside logical step pastes wrongly the coded step outside the logical step. [Bug #162434]
- Fixed Focus is lost on delete of a step in the test explorer. [Bug #156736]

Test As Step:
- NEW: Ability to add more than one test at a time. [Bug #147562, PITS #10010]
- Fixed possible unhnandled exception creating test as step with invalid file name characters. [Bug #169771]

Elements Explorer:
- NEW: "Edit in Live" option to automatically open and validate the element against the live page/application. [Bug #162722, PITS #12357]
- Fixed Elements panel is not returning back to its original state after closing the Step Suggestions panel. [Bug #165949, PITS #12813]
- Fixed elements highlighting can stops working after selective run. [Bug #159770, PITS #11856]
- Fixed Closing the Edit Element screen resets the element selection. [Bug #167566, PITS #12965]
- Fixed ExecutablePath in the Element explorer doesn't change after changing the WPF default application path. [Bug #171046, PITS #13465]
- Fixed Changing the path of the WPF application does not affect the element's context menu "Load Application" option. [Bug #152672]

DOM Explorer:
- Fixed the "Show Element Menu" option from context menu is always disabled for WPF applications. [Bug #141012]
- Fixed "Copy to Clipboard" for tags in non-Latin alphabet appears as question marks. [Bug #136382]

Find Expression Builder:
- NEW: Reworked the Select Element UI in FEB. Added search option, changed the presentation so that it looks pretty similar to the Elements Explorer. In addition persists the selected element and updates the Select button state depending on the selection. [Bug #169084, PITS #13313]

Bug Tracking:
- Fixed Incomplete implementation of a custom bug tracker may cause an unhandled exception on creating new project. [Bug #159476]
- Fixed setup bug trackers from the feedback tool isn't persisted. [Bug #166543]


Load Testing:
- NEW: Added 3rd party integration API. A custom plugin implementation will be notified about requests and responses as well as virtual users allocation and dealocation.

Project View:
- NEW: Ability to search tests and filter by test type. [Bug #167587, PITS #10162]
- NEW: Ability for TFS source controlled project to specify the scheduling to get latest version from TFS prior to execution. [Bug #138333, PITS #10202]

- Fixed cannot execute test containing script and inheriting class from external assembly (which inherits BaseWebAiiTest). [Bug #167837]

Coded Tests:
- Fixed Custom dll successfully added in to the Project References is not showing in the code behind. [Bug #166640, PITS #12882]

Test Lists:
- NEW: Ability to customize scheduling emails. Subject and contect can be customized along with options to attach Excel and Word result presentations and preview the email during scheduling. [Bug #112103, #123515, #160141, #164562, PITS #5757, #6767, #11899, #12657]
- NEW: Run persisting result option from the Run list drop down. This execution mode updates the run result on each test step execution so that the user doesn't lose feedback in case of aborting playback, browser crash, etc. [Bug #163388, #163812, PITS #12550]
- Fixed Test Lists grid sorts items randomly every time the project is loaded. [Bug #163991]
- Fixed unable to resize Edit Settings dialog. [Bug #165903]
- Fixed Double click on test in the right list of the Edit Test List dialog should remove it from the list. [Bug #167583]

Results View:
- Fixed recurring scheduled runs do not retrieve except in the timeline range. [Bug #160836, PITS #12022]
- Fixed Recurring runs multiplication on pressing "Reload from Server" button. [Bug #171132, PITS #13478]
- Fixed Unable to drill down to the inner test steps in a specific result file. [Bug #168957, PITS #13157]
- Fixed exporting specific result failure from ResultViewer does not generate a file. [Bug #168288]

Manual Tests:
- Handled exception trying to import steps from corrupted Excel file. [Bug #170169, PITS #13336]

Export for VS:
- Fixed Test exported from Test Studio to Visual Studio fails to compile on a build server. [Bug #159537, PITS #11822]

[Visual Studio Plugin]
- Fixed If the Test name begins with digits, adding a coded step trows exception in Visual Studio. [Bug #156218, PITS #11261]
- Fixed SerializationException running test in VS via quick execution. [Bug #167846, PITS #13013]
- Fixed playback throws an unable to find external assembly error for DLL not added to GAC. [Bug #168291, PITS #13072]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception selecting an independant element test from Used By in element explorer. [Bug #167822]
- Fixed opens all tests which use a single element if selected from test step selector UI to be able to edit them. [Bug #165948]

[RadControls for Silverlight/WPF]
- NEW: Added RadRibbonView control wrappers and translators (RadRibbonView, RadRibbonViewGroup, RadRibbonTab, Buttons types).
- NEW: Added RadAutoCompleteBox and Item control wrappers and translators.
- PivotGrid: 
- CHANGED Control wrappers updated to reflect latest control changes.
- NEW PivotFieldListGroupHeader, exposed Expand/Collapse methods for the header. 
- NEW: Added RadDiagramContainerShape control wrapper and translator.
- NEW in ChartView: Added control wrappers for Doughnut series.
- NEW in GridView, TreeListView, TreeView and ListBox: Added VirtualizedPanel control wrappers and translators for build-in scrolling ability.

- Grid: 
- Fixed filter menu automation problems. [Bug #162305, PITS #12295]
- Fixed Unable to get the elements of a Kendo Grid with multiple pages. [Bug #168338, PITS #13081]
- Menu: Fixed Unable to record click actions on Kendo Menu Items. [Bug #166570, PITS #12871]

[RadControls for AJAX]
- CHANGED Button: Updated control wrapper and translator to reflect latest change in control rendering.
- CHANGED HtmlChart: Updated control wrapper .XAxisTitle property to reflect latest control change related to the new multiple YAxis functionality.
- NEW in PivotGrid: 
- Added support for different layouts. Updated Rows/Columns/Aggregates zone translators.
- Added configuration panel action handling, verifications and quick tasks.
- Created wrapper and translator for filtering.
- Updated control wrapper to recognize correctly expand and collapse state of Column and Rows.
- TreeList: Fixed TreeListFooterCell translator shows up for Kendo UI footer cells. [Bug #170133]