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Test Studio Run-Time 2012.1719

July 18, 2012

- Chrome: Reworked communication with the browser addressing latest Chrome versions issues
- VS 2012 Support
- Recording on 64-bit IE and IE 10 (Windows 8)
- Load: New features like Profiling metrics, analyze data from individial agents, 
- Scheduling improvements: synced runner with the regular runner.exe, new instant remote execution, enhanced result reporting UI on the execution server.
- New step data-binding experience of Web and WPF tests.


Internet Explorer:
- Fixed left mouse click times out for button click on a customer site. [Bug #152069, PITS #10684]

- Fixed Chrome AJAX test randomly fails on latest Chrome versions. [Bug #154912, #158817, PITS #11104]
- Fixed connect to pop-up window step within a Test as Step causes Chrome failure. [Bug #144792, PITS #9629]
- Fixed Google Chrome 19 may fail to close after test failure. [Bug #157453, PITS #11459]

- Fixed unable to find elements inside frames under Safari problems. [Bug #144353, #155470]
- Fixed Safari extension does not update automatically during upgrade. [Bug ##157134]

- Fixed SL & WPF ComboBox.SelectItemByText doesn't click the item if already selected. [Bug #155543, PITS #11181]
- Fixed TextBlock inlines serialization of custom FontStyle, FontWeight and FontStretch. [Bug #155617]
- Fixed running test over bound Silverlight text boxes the text entered in the second TextBox doesn't appear in the first TextBox. [Bug #158094]
- New: Exposed Element.IsVisible property for Silverlight as well to address WPF vs. Silverlight API inconvenience. [Bug #159242]

- Fixed playback fails for customer specific application with a splash screen. [Bug #156590, PITS #11350]

Dialog Handling:
- Fixed handling FileUploadDialog test failure. [Bug #154073, PITS #10998]
- Fixed handling alert dialog following confirmation dialog in Firefox. [Bug #155631]

[RunTime Edition +]

Command Line Runner:
- Fixed originally created .aiiresult file doesn't get replaced after repeated execution using the command line. [Bug #155202, PITS #11146]

- Changed: the scheduling execution is now based on the Runner.exe. This addresses any execution issues related to the scheduling versus local execution. In addition some requested features are no longer needed. [Bug #136706, PITS #8512]
- New: Improved execution server UI in regards to test execution status.
- Fixed Scheduling applications are no longer dependent on .Net 3.5. [Bug #155260, PITS #11153]
- Fixed unable to configure the Scheduling Service from the Hosted Services UI. [Bug #155288]
- Fixed scheduled tests may fail due to missing TFS Client plugin. [Bug #156775]
- Fixed scheduling data bound test as step scenario produces test results with missing data iterations. [Bug #156012, PITS #11235]
- Fixed run result publishing fails due to serialization exception, data iterations are missing on load. [Bug #156390]
- Fixed mixed body encoding of the emails sent by the scheduling for customer.

[Common (Standalone + VS)]

- New: Adds support for recording on 64-bit IE and IE 10 (Windows 8). [Bug #153968]
- Fixed incorrect SL/WPF TabControl type generated for TabItem element in code when adding the element manually on recording. [Bug #157296, PITS #11433]
- Fixed recording/highlighting doesn't work against Nav bar in Silverlight application. [Bug #156786, PITS #11335]
- Fixed unable to record/highlight against specific extended WPF window with generic type. [Bug #156639, PITS #11381]
- Fixed exception recording TreeView click action against a customer Silverlight application. [Bug #157744]

- Fixed Virtually memory taken up by Test Studio keeps stacking up when test fails. [Bug #152668, PITS #10946]
- Fixed Silverlight tooltip message keeps displaying after verification. [Bug #155294, PITS #11159]
- Fixed execution doesn't run for data-bound LogOn dialog using value extraction. [Bug #155902, PITS #11223]
- Fixed Quick Execution hangs navigating to URL after customer's specific Silverlight verification as UI if condition. [Bug #155508, PITS #11175]
- Fixed XML section in a HTML body leads to error: Tag collection is either empty or has less elements than the element occurrence requested. [Bug #156802, PITS #11338]
- Fixed ExecutionExtension.OnInitializeDataSource() being called at the test end and also for each child test in case of InheritParentDataSource = true. [Bug #156793, PITS #11337]
- Fixed the "PopupWaitTimeout" value is not respected during execution. [Bug #157286, PITS #11430]
- Fixed unable to close a Modal pop-up in Firefox for a customer application. [Bug #156640, PITS #11315]
- Fixed WPF Open and SaveFile dialog handling doesn't respect a data driven FilePath property. [Bug #156341, PITS #11274]
- Fixed WaitForExistsNot condition for If...Else step appears to fail incorrectly. [Bug #156342, PITS #11275]

Project Model:
- New: Allows deletion of test that is used as a Test as Step. [Bug #136052, PITS #8450]
- Fixed possible compile error due to pages.g.cs if created in a sub folder of the project root folder. [Bug #158147]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception due to pages.g.cs being locked by another process. [Bug #124216]

Elements Explorer:
- Fixed lost selection upon showing elements for the current test only. [Bug #155246]
- Fixed elements do not remain sorted or collapsed. [Bug #156145, #156146]
- Fixed page element merge during recording doesn't take into account possible merge page element on refresh/rebuild. [Bug #156502]

Test Explorer:
- New: Password encryption for the Logon dialog handler's password. [Bug #156830, PITS #11344]
- Fixed step is disappearing upon transforming Test as Step. [Bug #158418, PITS #11627]
- Fixed incorrect test step results for logical operations in a data-driven execution scenario. [Bug #147968]
- Fixed problems when trying to create a new 'test as step' directly from IF/ELSE steps in a test. [Bug #157321]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception upon deleting steps after drag/drop. [Bug #138037]

- Fixed capturing images during recording even the storyboard is disabled from the user settings. [Bug #156778, PITS #11333]
- Fixed cannot recapture storyboard on sub tests. [Bug #156439]

Data Binding:
- New: Allow column to be selectable in the data binding properties to avoid having to type in and know column names. [Bug #122030, PITS #10142]
- New: Ability to bind to huge data (millions of records). The user is prompted to select the number of records to display then is able to bind the test accordingly. [Bug #158522, PITS #11648]
- Fixed setting local data columns to 0 in test data viewer prevents test from loading. [Bug #156968, PITS #11368]

Code Generation:
- Fixed code gen doesn't respect the LogMessageOnError property. [Bug #155418]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception regenerating the elements in a scenario where the project with coded tests is loaded in VS and TS at the same time. [Bug #158356]

- Fixed indescriptive error trying to execute a WPF test with incorrect application location. [Bug #155175]
- Fixed cannot exit the "Configure WPF Application Path" window by clicking "cancel" issue. [Bug #155344]
- Fixed blank wpf window caption in the elements explorer leading to compile errors for coded tests. [Bug #155176]

User Settings:
- New: 'Disable UI Usage' user setting. This is to avoid specific UI automation problem on IE9 resulting in recorder crashing the browser on particular web pages. [Bug #156868, #157891, PITS #11352]
- Changed external references assemblies are persisted with relative path if possible. [Bug #141063]


Profiling Metrics now available in Load Testing. Set up in the Environment screen. 
Now able to analyze data from individual agents.
Find/Replace inside of URLs in the Editing of User Profiles.
Data Points in the Analysis screen now scale to be within range of each other.
SQL Data Sources bound to Load Tests no longer prevent test execution. [Bug #157758]

Project View:
- Fixed test as step copy/paste issues wrong TestPath property. [Bug #156871, #156875]
- New: Project names could contain any file valid symbol. [Bug #138710, PITS #10160]
- New: Refresh picks up the data source if placed into the Data folder. [Bug #156457]
- New: Export project to VS 2012.

Source Control:
- Fixed source controlled load tests are not properly shown in Project Explorer and are always set for commit. [Bug #155366]

Test Lists:
- Fixed error on loading dynamic test list with mixed filters (Priority + something else). [Bug #156501, PITS #11305]
- Fixed opening multiple instances of test list builder leaks memory. [Bug #155747]
- Fixed dynamic lists not updating test lists count properly for copy/pasted tests. [Bug #155762]
- Fixed dynamic test list does not correctly handle empty Custom Property values. [Bug #146772]
- Fixed Priority compare value not visualized for dynamic test list filter. [Bug #156801]
- Fixed dynamic lists don't get updated when a test property is changed to fulfill its criteria. [Bug #156983]

- New: Ability to immediately execute test list on remote machines through the scheduling server.
- New: Managed results now displays the name of the associated project as well.
- Changed: The method of compression/decompression on loading results from the scheduling server. [Bug #158207, PITS #11591]
- Fixed: Slow loading of run results from server; may even lead to out of memory exception.

Result View:
- Fixed ResultsViewer and Scheduling recurrence wizard doesn't respect the current culture in determining the first day of week. [Bug #155971, PITS #11232]
- Fixed ResultView.SubmitBug silently fails for result with compile errors. [Bug #156330]

Bug Tracking:
- New: Sharing bug tracker settings from Exploratory to new Test Studio projects. [Bug #150199]
- Fixed bug tracking compatibility with TFS 2012.

- Fixed image capturing issue if the feedback tool is started multiple times manually. [Bug #155183]
- Fixed the tool does not always launch from the first click in Firefox and Safari. [Bug #155195]

Manual Test Runner:
- Fixed unhandled exception in case of empty test list. [Bug #157569]

[Visual Studio Plugin]
- New: Support for VS 2012 Release Candidate including their new Test Explorer.
- Fixed Page & element changes are not persisted unless test in open in the test editor. [Bug #158523, PITS #11649]
- Fixed newly added tests are loaded uninitialized in VS. [Bug #157332, PITS #11441]
- Fixed incorrect cleanup of elements explorer in VS on closing another project. [Bug #155820, PITS #11210]
- Fixed unable to auto submit bug to TeamPulse server for failing test list in VS. [Bug #155629]
- Fixed cannot create a test as step directly from steps in a folder in Visual Studio. [Bug #157290]

[RadControls for AJAX]
- New: RadHtmlChart wrappers and translators.
- New: RadPivotGrid wrapper and translator.
- TreeView: Fixed recording against link nodes fails. [Bug #157684, PITS #11498]
- Grid: 
- New: Added multi-column headers support.
- Fixed Grid pager translator does not correctly find advanced pager input elements.
- ColorPicker: Fixed 'Element Not found!' exception when trying to select a color using the SelectItem() method. [Bug #159615, PITS #11833]
- Calendar: Fixed row/column header clicks translation fails for multi-month mode.
- Scheduler: Fixes ChangeHours action throwing NullReference if added from the step suggestions. [Bug #158906]
- Toolbar, ImageEditor: More restrictive locators and action handling.

[RadControls for Silverlight/WPF]
- New: RadScheduleView wrappers and translators.
- ComboBox: Fixes SL RadComboBoxItem click exception during recording if the item is wrapped inside some other component than RadComboBox. [Bug #157869]
- Docking: Added select tool window action handling.
- ChartView: Added Visibility property for ChartView gridlines and striplines.

- Grid, Calendar, Inputs, Menu, PanelBar: Updated to support latest KendoUI version output changes.
- Calendar, TimePicker, ComboBox, DropDownList: Added toggle action handling.
- Calendar: 
- Added FulldateValue translator verification.
- SelectDay improved.