Release History

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Test Studio Run-Time 2011.21413

February 12, 2012

2011 R2 Service Pack 2


- Added support for Firefox 9+
- Added support for Chrome 17
- Added support for recording IE9 Download Dialogs.
- Added EnsureStateIsCurrent option for all verifications. It makes sure the verification is operating over the elements actual state.
- Added DefaultAplicationPath in WPF to increase productivity (once set all new tests get that path by default). It also helps in running a set of WPF tests on different machines by changing the application path at one place only.
- Exporting results to Word/Excel is extended by the failure details.
- Enhanced XAML framework FrameworkElement API:
    - Exposed methods to get and set attached property values.
    - Exposed FrameworkElement.Text, .TextBlockContent, .TextLiteralContent; deprecated .TextContent.



Dialog Handling:
- Fixed modal dialog handling fails in IE8. [Bug #129278]
- Fixed missing dialogs in the Dialogs collection.
- Improved IE9 download dialog handling (Bug #140782, #141016, #141017):
    - Added support for Run command.
    - Fixed exception determining the default download path for IE9.
    - Improved IE9 notification bar detection.
    - Increased download timeout to 25s.
    - Download dialog handler throws exception if there is no valid path and SAVE is selected.

- Fixed cannot run test built against 64-bit platform. [Bug #136171, PITS #8458]

- Added support for Firefox 9+.
- Fixed cannot connect to popup HTML window in Firefox. [Bug #138044, PITS #8667]

- Added Chrome 17 automation. [Bug #145289, PITS #9689]
- Fixed problems finding nested frames. [Bug #136563, PITS #8496]

- Fixed Safari 5.0 timeout exception. [Bug #139362]
- Fixed Safari extension installation for Safari 5.1.2.

XAML Framework:
- Exposed IFrameworkElement.Wait property. [Bug #137633, PITS #8621]
- Exposed FrameworkElement methods to get and set attached property values. [Bug #56635]
- Exposed FrameworkElement.Text, .TextBlockContent, .TextLiteralContent; deprecated .TextContent.
- Exposed ListBox.ListBoxItems property as opposed to .Items which does not provide access to the list box items but their string values. [Bug #140024]
- Exposed VisualFind.ByExpressionReturnOrThrow() method that opposed to Find.ByExpression respects the FindStrategy and can wait dynamic content. [Bug #137397]

Silverlight specific:
- Fixed Silverlight tests needlessly launching the http proxy. [Bug #139016]

Keyboard actions:
- Fixed RightAlt pressed instead of LeftAlt problem. [Bug #140104]

[Common (Standalone + VS)]

Fixed a problem loading the packages and translators on some specific environments upon upgrade.

- Fixed unhandled exception thrown during activation when trial is expired and there is no connection to the licensing server. [Bug #142273]

- Fixed 'Add to project' for RadControl XAML element adds the element with interface type instead.[Bug #138285]
- Fixed problems recording context menu in WPF. [Bug #120591]
- Fixed inexpected recording of actions while crafting verifications in Test Studio. [Bug #115048, #128275, PITS #7591]
- Fixed hover over highlighting not recognizing individual Silverlight elements in customer's app. [Bug #133242, PITS #8172]
- Fixed recorder not properly attached to a customer site with popup launching on load. [Bug #135306, PITS #8375]
- Fixed click on checked radio button incorrectly records uncheck action. [Bug #136769, PITS #8520]
- Fixed translators are not always offered in fan. [Bug #136159]
- Fixed RadAsyncUpload Dialog is recorded as Generic Dialog. [Bug #130428, PITS #7890]

- Fixed cannot run projects fail on machines without VS installed. [Bug #110654, #131677, #134614]
- Added Verification.EnsureStateIsCurrent property, if set to 'true' will explicitly refresh the target elements the verification performs over.
- Added TestResult.ExportToResultFile() method generating and .aiirresult file from the test result object. Useful in addition to OnAfterTestCompleted() scenarios.
- Fixed dialog handling does not work in test list execution in Firefox. [Bug #127413, #131343, #131810]
- Fixed the test will pass even if we have a failing coded step in a Test as Step. [Bug #136625, PITS #8507]
- Fixed image verification is failing on Safari 5.1. [Bug #136523]
- Fixed "Not Run" figure not correct in Test List Results/Reports. [Bug #134430]
- Fixed re-run current step may freeze the visual debugger if the step which you want to re-run is searching for an element that does not exists anymore. [Bug #136392]
- Fixed close popup window regression. [Bug #138729, PITS #8767]
- Fixed while logical step will appear with wrong "fail" status if the statement in while is wrong. [Bug #138413]
- Added the ability for the FileUpload/Download Handlers to be data bound to extracted value. [Bug #138835, PITS #8781]
- Exposed ExecutionContext.DataContexts as well as DataContext.CurrentIterationIndex so that users can access the parent data iteration from a child test code-behind. [Bug #138441, PITS #8719]
- Fixed ListBox SelectItem action executes very slowly for ListBox with many items. [Bug #139753, PITS #8902]
- Fixed Test List playback fails in non-interactive session when RecycleBrowser set to True. [Bug #144779, PITS #9627]

Test Explorer:
- Fixed cannot place cursor when editing Custom Description. [Bug #137131, PITS #8556]
- Fixed cut highlights steps outside the range after scrolling. [Bug #136241]
- Fixed unhandled exception in cut, delete, paste and undo actions scenario. [Bug #136351]
- Fixed inability to edit manual steps in automated/hybrid test cases. [Bug #138902]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception on pasting coded steps into a hybrid manual/web test for steps cut from another web test. [Bug #139142]
- Fixed inability to change the text of manual steps. [Bug #138902]

Test As Step:
- Enhanced with ability to sort, filter and group the data. Added the test description, owner and priority as well. [Bug #111268, PITS #5215]

- Added DefaultApplicationPath to the Project settings. Defaults for both recording and execution.
- Fixed RadControls may not appear attaching the recorder to a WPF RadControls based application.
- Fixed unhandled exception trying to load WPF applications on 64-bit Win Server 2003 or Win XP. [Bug #136522]
- Fixed ListBox.ItemCount verification does not initialize. [Bug #137765]

Elements Explorer:
- Fixed locate in VisualTree and Validate are disabled for silverlight elements/ [Bug #136583]

Find Expression Builder:
- Fixed validate button does not reload the available suggestions. [Bug #136500]
- Fixed can't connect to cached version of WPF app. [Bug #136510]
- Fixed "Can't find Element on Page" when you click on validate for element that is with green status. [Bug #136496]
- Fixed replacing WPF element scenario throwing "Wpf technology is not supported by registered translators" error. [Bug #139870]

DOM Explorer:
- Fixed context menu "Copy to Clipboard" -> "Tag and Children" causing unhandled exception for text nodes. The option is disabled for text nodes since it doesn't make any sense there. [Bug #138576]

User Settings:
- Fixed General content hiding the Connection Settings UI for registering HTTPS certificate. [Bug #139169]

Code Generation:
- Fixed customized step description is not included in code. [Bug #119654, PITS #6317]


Project View:
- Fixed folder update doesn't detect the elements need update on pasting a folder with sub test(s), paste from another project scenario. [Bug #136710]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception on drag & drop of tests into a folder containing test with same name. [Bug #138987]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception on renaming project. [Bug #139851]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception on drag and drop moving files with long path windows doesn't support. [Bug #141703]
- Fixed dashboard doesn't get notified if a test list is added, deleted or updated. [Bug #139462]
- Fixed moving a node into a folder containing the source name silently fails. Also fixed broken move of multiple nodes if the target folder contains any test/folder name that already exists. [Bug #139653]
- Fixed renaming test doesn't change the test name as expected. [Bug #135902, PITS #8425]
- Fixed a problem loading exported project in VS.

Manual Test Explorer:
- Fixed inability to paste text that is on more than one row inside test step. [Bug #136436]
- Fixed right click in manual test appends the step to the selected list. [Bug #137218]

Manual Test Runner:
- Fixed manual test run does not publish the rsult to the scheduling server. [Bug #136660]
- Fixed memory leak in the manual runner if you execute NavigateTo step multiple times (HTML) page. [Bug #136793]

Test Lists:
- Fixed newly created TestList is not recognized by Scheduling service. [Bug #138586, PITS #8746]

Result View:
- Exporting results to Word/Excel is enhanded by adding the failure details. [Bug #136795]
- Fixed exporting test results adds a redundant "Iteration" column for none data driven test results. [Bug #138702]

- Fixed setting incorrect units in performance counters chart (details).
- Fixed performance counters not displayed if test executed by Test List. [Bug #141080]
- Fixed navigation button in visual debugger will not show if you execute test case with breakpoint in performance. [Bug #139610]

TFS Integration:
- Fixed the "Save Modified Files" dialog is vague/non descriptive. [Bug #135189]

Team Pulse Integration:
- Fixed TeamPulse integration not gracefully handling invalid credentials. [Bug #138429, PITS #8715]

Help View:
- Added a ribbon option to clear the application log. [Bug #135279]

- Fixed missing fail result if test list isn't found. [Bug #140476]
- Improved labels for email Notification options for Scheduling. [Bug #138621, PITS #8754]

ResultViewer Executable:
- Fixed Export Result to File option not working in the standalone result viewer. [Bug #141625]

[VS Plug-In]

- Fixed changing the inheritance of a code-behind file will cause it to not be recognized as a code-behind file. [Bug #137192]
- Fixed Test with Inspection point ends abnormally. [Bug #134616]
- Fixed converting a data-driven test to unit test leads to compilation errors. [Bug #137107, PITS #8554]
- Fixed "Convert all steps to code" is not working when we have a data-driven "Handle 'FileUpload' dialog" step. [Bug #137814, PITS #8636]
- Fixed Preview Code in VS2010 says "Disabled in Trial Mode" on licensed machine. [Bug #139967]
- Fixed "Show elements for this test only" option in Elements Explorer doesn't work in VS plugin. [Bug #138018]

[RadControls for AJAX Control Wrappers]
- Added RadSocialShare control wrappers.
- Button: Exposed SelectedToggleState property.
- ComboBox:
    - Fixed select taking unusually long time for an item with bigger index. [Bug #137398, PITS #8588]
    - Fixed control wrapper does not get the correct id of the combo in some scenarios (Results in null reference when executing item selection). [Bug #140486]

[RadControls for Silverlight/WPF Control Wrappers]
- Added RadDiagram control wrappers for Silverlight and WPF.
- Added RadCalculator control wrapper for Silverlight and WPF.
- Added Barcode control wrappers in Silverlight.
- ChartView:
    - Extended control wrappers.
    - Added support for financial indicators and radar series in Silverlight.
- GridView: Fixed possible compilation error like "IRadGridView is inaccessible due to its protection level". [Bug #136282, PITS #8471]
- TreeView: Fixed RadTreeView.FindNode failing with NullReference in case of argument which doesn't match any of the tree nodes. [Bug #139717, PITS #8897]

[RadControls for AJAX Translators]
- Added RadSocialShare control translators.
- Button: Exposed SelectedToggleState verification.
- TreeView: Fixed incorrect recording of node editing action. [Bug #137258, PITS #8567]

[RadControls for Silverlight/WPF Translators]
- Added RadDiagram control translators.
- Added usings/imports in code behind is now dependent on the test type so that users don't get ambiguous reference errors using the type without full namespace (Wpf tests don't get Telerik.WebAii.Controls.Xaml and Web - .Controls.Xaml.Wpf namespace using by default). [Bug #138289]
- Fixed RadControls verifications incorrectly reset the expected value in case of logical execution.
- Fixed problems initializing control state-like sentence verifications. [Bug #139679]
- RadChart:
    - SeriesItemLabelText quick task initializing wrong verification step.
    - Series Label Count Verification does not work.
- Fixed ComboBox Open/Select step is listed as passed but actually doesn't execute. [Bug #130883]