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Test Studio Run-Time 2011.1712

July 11, 2011

R1 Service Pack 2 (2011.1712)


- Adds Firefox 5 automation support
- New Find Expression Builder
- New Step Suggestions feature



- Improved the parsing of LI elements under non-list elements (fixes dynamic menu parsing problem).
- Fixed parser issue when an HTML page closes a tag with ";>".

XAML (Silverlight & WPF):
- Improved ScrollToVisible() to be more reliable.
- Prevents an unhandled exception when there are no windows available in a WPF application we've just connected to.
- Improved error handling on WPF application launch.
- SL ComboBox: Improved OpenDropDown() method so that next SelectItem() calls operate over the updated visual tree.
- Exposed the VisualFind (.Find property) to all IFrameworkElement-s. (PITS #6750)

- Fixed GetRectangle() in IE9 is shifted by 2px problem. (PITS #6414)

- Adds Firefox 5 automation support
- Fixed rectangles incorrect for elements in frames in Firefox 4+.

- Fixed a delay in the test execution under those browsers.
- Fixed Safari hangs during automation on complicated multi-frame pages.

- Added support for OnBeforeUnload confirm navigation dialogs (all browsers).
- Fixed SaveAs Download Handler inputting path slow causing tests to fail. (PITS #6496)
- Added support for SaveAs dialogs for IE9.

HTTP Proxy:
- Fixed failing to wait for system proxy to be configured before continuing test.

[Common (Standalone + VS)]

- Fixed possible incorrect "no free slots" error message.
- Fixed unexpected licensing error on first screen 'Cancel' click.

- Fixed recapture storyboard doesn't update the images.
- Fixed unexpected dialogs breaking the result of a failed test list execution.
- Fixed a scenario where an HTML popup was not properly closed when executing in Firefox.
- Fixed the command line runner exception when executing a single test passing root parameter.
- Fixed quick execution problem with pause scenario -- on running to pause if press "repeat current step" execution is resumed but pause option is disabled.
- Fixed unable to write in the Log at the OnAfterTestCompleted handler.

- Adds BaseUrl support for frames.
- Fixed recording and playback of nested modal dialogs in IE.
- Improved handling of HTML pages that update themselves & change IE's DOM document object.

- Added data-binding support for CheckBox state verification.

- Fixed a possible problem detecting Silverlight applications in IE9.
- Fixed WaitForExists failing coded steps.
- Fixed DatePicker.SelectedDate verification failure with KeyNotFound exception. (PITS #6495)
- Fixed exception in DatePicker.SelectedDate data extraction. (PITS #6667)

- Added support for recording and playback of WPF OpenFile and SaveFile dialogs. (PITS #6677)

- Fixed a problem incorrectly loading the IntroPage over the page under test in some scenarios - Test Explorer's LoadPage command, FindExpression UI's ConnectTo and Launch options.

Test Explorer:
- Fixed ContextMenu RecordAfter/BeforeSelected doesn't work as expected.
- Fixed no undo for cut step problem.
- Fixed inline editor getting closed on attempt to edit the step custom description.
- Fixed an unhandled exception on pressing Del key when a custom control is focused in the inline editor.
- Fixed a possible unhandled exception after Editing local data table and closing Test Studio while LocalData view is visible.
- Fixed an unhandled exception when choosing specific options from the context menu opened below the test steps right click.
- Improved compilation errors experience for external files - lists the file names and doesn't mislead by marking the current coded steps as failed.
- Fixed drag&drop a logical step problem -- unable to drag it back after dropped at the end of the test until selected step is changed.
- Added support for cut/copy/paste (ribbon commands and keyboard shortcuts) on the local data UI.
- Fixed TestAsStep Selector UI glitch with bottom pager getting cut off when there is a long list of Tests.
- Fixed UI not getting refreshed when switching between test with expanded logical and single step test.
- Fixed the input in the inline editor doesn't display the entire text if too long.

Elements Explorer:
- Adds an option to list the step suggestions according to the selected element.
- Fixed error on Refresh click if an element is in edit mode.

Find Expression UI:
- New Find Expression Builder!

Elements Menu:
- Added a new option to add Manual Step from the element menu.

DOM Explorer:
- Fixed a scenario for specific frames not identified and displayed in the tree.
- Fixed LocateInDOM/Search for a node too deep in the tree throws an unhandled exception after displaying an error message.

- Fixed navigation link to TeamPulse to include only the user story id.

- Added Help tab support for enabling/disabling the trace log, and viewing it in notepad.


Project View:
- Fixed copy/paste of a test doesn't update it's class name.
- Added test SaveAs option to the Save dialog (close project, exclude from project, etc).
- Fixed using special characters in the project SaveAs dialog location path causes unhandled error on save.
- Fixed an unhandled exception on Project.Refresf if file(s) are deleted manually.

TFS Integration:
- Fixed unable to check-in data source files problem. (PITS #6722)
- Fixed deleting a source-controlled file doesn't check-out the parent folder.
- Fixed unable to add again Test/Test List into Source Control project scenario.
- Fixed Check-In dialog also lists unmodified files.

Test Lists:
- Fixed TestList Web Settings are not saved upon change.
- Fixed an error resizing the TestStudio for test list in edit mode and paging scenario.

Test Scheduling:
- Fixed an unhandled exception in the Connect to Server dialog trying to type some host name but having an invalid service URL.

Results View:
- Fixed an unhandled exception anaylizing a run result opened from the report view.
- Fixed an unhandled exception exporting to a file which is already open (in use by another process).

Reports View:
- Added charting Y axis on right to correspond to the percent of passed/failed tests.

[VS Plug-In]
- Fixed incomplete automatically added using-s for framework item templates for WPF.
- Fixed weird error on loading each test when the project has been upgraded and trying to load it with an older version.

[RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Wrappers]
- Fixed TreeList DataItem wrapper does not initialize correctly when the control has footer aggregates (Note: the fix works only with the Q2 2011 rendering of the TreeList Ajax control).

[RadControls for XAML Wrappers]

[RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Translators]
- Added the basic element is enabled verification to RadControls verifications too.
[RadControls for XAML Translators]