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Test Studio Load 2016.2630.1

June 29, 2016

What's New:
    * Git Source Control integration - support for local and remote Git repos, commit, push, pull as well as complete Test Studio source control operations over tests, code files, test lists and data source items
    * TFS Integration: Implemented pending delete status along with option to revert
    * TFS Integration: Check-in dialog lists files with full path
    * Output Panel: Added source control section

    *Test Studio for APIs Beta - Test Studio adds brand-new API testing functionality to help even non-technical testers quickly speed up with      testing the reliability of the API layer.

What's Fixed:
- Results View: Deleting result by clicking X deletes another result if previously selected
- Test Lists: Double click does not add test in a test list
- Test Lists: TestOwner is not persisted
- TFS Integration: Manual test is not reverted visually after a change
- TFS Integration: Delete folder incorrectly commits the change in disconnected project
- TFS Integration: Problems with incorrect pending delete of files on project reconnect after adding new files (like test code-behind) while project is disconnected
- TFS Integration: UnauthorizedAccessException deleting folder or test in disconnected project