Release History

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Test Studio Load 2015.31314.2

January 13, 2016

What's New:
- Product Notifications: Getting started helpers raised upon user actions
- Scheduling: Added EndTime option for recurring minute runs
- Scheduling: Setup for MongoDB connection string extended to check for invalid port values

What's Fixed:
- Licensing: SaaS incorrect detection of expiration date
- Load Results: Using arrow keys on Load Analyse Results may result in unhandled exception
- Results View: Possible OutOfMemoryException while parsing large run result files
- Scheduling: Command line runner fails to upload load tests
- Scheduling: The Execution Server incorrectly displays Windows 10 machine as Windows 8
- Scheduling: Command line runner in 2015.3 fails to upload projects
- Scheduling: Dynamic test list fails to execute if filtering tests by path containing white spaces
- Scheduling: Closing Remote Run dialog without actual run can lead to unhandled exception
- Test Lists: Resizing the Description column in Test Lists Test's grid is not working
- Test Lists: Old test list name is displayed in test results after renaming
- Test Studio: New project is incorrectly marked as not saved