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Test Studio Load 2015.31015

October 14, 2015

What's New:
- Load Testing: Launch Firefox for capturing load traffic
- Load Testing: Load Dynamic Targets Check All check box
- Scheduling: Hourly and minutely scheduled runs
- Scheduling: Server, Storage and Client configurations are persisted on upgrade

What's Changed:
- .Net 4.0 is completely replaced with .Net 4.5 on all OS by the Test Studio Ultimate, Web & Desktop and Test Studio Load installers
- Removed Quick Access Toolbar from the Ribbon in Test Studio
- Scheduling Storage Database migrated from SQL to MongoDB
- Scheduling Server and Storage Setup combined into one and the same UI tool, database configuration excluded from the installer
- Upgrading project with large number of result files prompts to optionally skip results to speed up archiving the backup

What's Fixed:
- Licensing: SaaS account user is not entering into the grace period
- Load Testing: The selection of large amount of dynamic targets could be extremely slow
- Load Testing: The filtering and column resize options of the "Load Test -> Capture from existing" grid are disabled
- Load Testing: Possible unhandled exception clicking graph button in load run result
- Load Testing: Unhandled exception selecting cookie for a load test
- Scheduling: Upgrading already configured execution server resets its configuration
- Scheduling: Test Studio log increases each 5 seconds when Scheduling Client is not running
- Scheduling: Test Studio pings the local machine for storage service even if no scheduling is configured
- Scheduling: Scheduling Services logging leads to huge log
- Scheduling: Incorrect status for unavailable scheduling server
- Scheduling Storage: Unable to start the service on plain Windows 10 machine
- Test Lists: Test List type (Static/Dynamic) icons are missing in the UI
- Test Lists: Edit Static Test List incorrectly changing the test list name on lost focus
- Test Lists: Possible unhandled exception closing Edit Dynamic Test List
- Test Lists: Selecting multiple tests with the Shift key on can lead to unhandled exception
- TFS Source Control: Selecting folder on open project from SC can cause unhandled exception due to workspaces conflict
- Welcome View: Non-admin user creating project folder hangs the application
- Welcome View: Usability problems loading project from TFS