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Test Studio Load 2014.3903

September 2, 2014

What's New:
Test Studio: Test tabs, merged project and test views, tests view layout changes, conditional steps work-flow and more (see what's new at
Chrome: Chrome 36 & 37 compatibility
Firefox: Firefox 31 & 32 compatibility
Recording over KendoUI is generating specific element find logic for reliable playback
Execution Coded Tests: Code Generation supports data-driven elements
Execution API: ExecutionContext.CurrentStep provides data about coded steps as well

What's Changed:
Internet Explorer: Settings.ClientReadyTimeout controls the time-outs to wait launching the browser
Integration for TFS, TeamPulse and QC: Passwords are no longer displayed unencrypted in plain text in the settings.aiis file
VS Plugin: Loading of elements from tests order is fixed to match Test Studio project and avoid inconsistent elements tree
VS Plugin: Web and WPF test viewer tool bar changes for consistency between the test types and usability improvements.

What's Fixed:
Browser Calibration: Calibrate browser in FF resets start up page to blank page
Dialog Handling: Handle Dialog fails if it is in Logical step and another dialog step exists in test
Dialog Handling Chrome/Firefox: Handle Download dialog in Chrome/FF does not work properly using environment variables
Dialog Handling Chrome: Handle download dialog times out in Chrome 37
Dialog Handling Firefox: Handle OnBeforeUnload fails in FF31 & 32
Dialog Handling IE: Dialog handling will not time-out in IE if you change the focus from the browser under test
Dialog Handling Silverlight: Handle Download Dialog times out when Silverlight application uses the SaveFileDialog
Elements Explorer: Unhandled exception updating element used by multiple tests 
Elements Explorer: Possible unhandled exception updating elements, the element will disappear on opening to edit the find logic
Execution: ArtOfTestrunner closes slower after test completes
Execution: Test as step calling itself can hang the runner on start
Execution Coded Test: NullReference exception in parent test if the child test asserts in code
Execution Command Line: Silent run end or NullReference exception in case of running corrupted test
Execution Data-Driven: IterationIndex returns wrong value in data driven test containing test as step
Execution WPF: PasswordBox SetText playback doesn't get the data-driven value
Execution Remote Test List: Cannot execute dynamic test list remotely using CustomProperty3
Execution Test List: Test list randomly hangs switching tests with build 2014.2.718 
Find Expression Builder: Possible unhandled exception trying to browse and navigate if there is already launched recorder under Chrome/Firefox
Framework: HtmlControl.GetComputedStyleValue("color")/("background") returns different value in the different browsers
Framework: HtmlSelect element selects the option twice for customer drop down
Framework: HtmlSelect throwing COMException firing OnChange (timing issue)
Framework: KendoGrid control wrapper fails in specific cases
Framework Chrome/Firefox: ArgumentNullException on test run
Framework Chrome/Firefox: Possible AddressAlreadyInUseException/PipeException in scenario about multiple execution of tests in Chrome/Firefox
Framework Chrome: Chrome 36 is breaking SimulateRealType steps
Framework Chrome: Error extension not found if a chrome process is running in the background (Chrome Web Store Playback Extension 2014.2.618.3 uploaded)
Framework Chrome: Test execution may fail if starting with non-Navigate step (Chrome Web Store Playback Extension 2014.2.618.2 uploaded)
Framework Chrome: ProcessWindowStyle.Minimized doesn't work for Chrome 
Framework Firefox: Firefox 32 Cache APIs breaking change
Manual Testing: Invalid 'extension not installed' warning running fast forwarded test from list with Chrome
Manual Testing: Cancel run incorrectly switches to Results View
Manual Testing: Copying a step inside a manual step adds "Manual:" in front of the new step
Manual Testing: Missing descriptions in the UI for tests created with 2014.1 or earlier
Project Upgrade: Project backup archiving is significantly slow in case of high number of files (test results)
Project View: Settings - Script Options display confusing assembly versions
Project View: No error prompted opening corrupted test
Project View: Changing multiple properties can fail
Project View: Refresh fails to include test if a file with the same name has been previously deleted
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Custom HTML attributes in find logic are not respected by the recorder (Chrome Recorder extension in Web Store updated to version 2014.2.618.3)
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Handle dialog steps are recorded during Run From Here execution
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Unable to record steps against HTML5 Meter
Recording Chrome: Close popup step is not recorded in Chrome after Run To Here (Chrome Web Store Recorder extension updated to version 2014.2.618.2)
Recording Chrome: Enter text in a HTML5 InputEmail fails to record
Recording Chrome: Some special characters not recorded (Chrome Web Store Recorder extension updated to version 2014.2.618.4)
Recording Firefox: Enabled content security breaks the recorder extension
Recording IE: Record launches a new recorder even if there is one already started 
Recording IE: Recording problems against RadAsyncUpload 
Recording KendoUI: KendoGrid Translator fails to build verifications for specific cases
Recording Silverlight/WPF: Wrong test step description generated selecting check box in RadGridView header cell
Recording WPF: Error building selected color verification for RadColorPicker
Results View: Drill-down to open step failure details may throw unhandled NullReference exception
Team Pulse Integration: Test Studio cannot sync with TeamPulse after some time being idle
TFS Integration: VS 2013 Local Workspace "$tf" folder is incorrectly included in projects
TFS Integration: Pending Add left behind in source control if the file is deleted in TS
TFS Integration: Check-in silently fails for uncontrolled files
TFS Integration: Incorrect TFS status for test marks non existing tests as checked-in
TFS Integration: Adding data source will not mark source controlled project as dirty
TFS Integration: Incorrect check out of "Settings.aiis" adding new test list to source controlled project
TFS Integration: Mixed test and test list check-in splits the change-set in two
Test Explorer: The data driven part of a the step is lost if it is Copy/Pasted from a data driven step
Test Explorer: Copy/paste of a logical step container makes the test throwing System.ArgumentException on playback
Test Explorer: Unable to drag/drop a step in logical container if it's last in the test
Test Properties: Wait for Exists step includes useless UseStepWaitOnElementsTimeout property 
Test Lists: Adding test to test list selecting parent folder as well lists the test twice in the list
Test Lists: Running list with corrupted test incorrectly switches to results view
Test Lists: Creating test list may display tests and folders in incorrect order
Test Lists: Error on add after delete test list scenario
VS Plugin: Unhandled exception in Telerik.TestingFramework.Hosts.Manager with Chrome/Firefox recording in case of project reload
VS Plugin: Circular TestAsStep leads to stack overflow opening the "Add TestAsStep" dialog.
VS Plugin: "log4net.dll" deployment leads to conflict with customer project
VS Plugin: Possible unhandled exception loading tests with corrupted resources
VS Plugin: Element "Collapse all" collapses only the visible nodes