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Test Studio Load 2014.2618

June 17, 2014

What's Changed:
- Test list execution doesn't allow runs in case of project compile errors any more

What's Fixed:
- Load Testing: Text is incorrect for default number of available Virtual Users
- Load Testing: Load test sends incorrect cookie value in event of two cookies with same name
- Load Testing: Load test does not properly discard cookies
- Load Testing: Load test dynamic cookie support does not use proper path
- Load Testing: Load test does not update cookies if Domain contains leading dot
- Load Testing: Multi-part form uploads corrupted due to missing ending characters
- Load Testing: Importing Fiddler log sets timers incorrectly
- Project View: Fix closing the test properties inspector dialog always marks the test dirty
- Project View: Property change doesn't update the test details
- Results View: Result from local scheduled run will not appear after reload
- Scheduling: Scheduling service API documentation does not open
- TeamPulse Integration: Acceptance criteria in Bug type item in TP breaks following ACs
- Test Lists: Remote run dialog doesn't list the machines for the run
- Test Lists: Cannot invoke Schedule TestList again in case of compilation errors if the user cancelled scheduling the first time
- Test Lists: Multiple Test List execution starts all runs immediately
- TFS: Checking-in for a large project is significantly slower
- TFS: Unclear exception message on environments missing Visual Studio or Team Explorer