Release History

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Test Studio Load 2014.1410

April 9, 2014

What's New:
- Added Test Details panel in the Project View. TeamPulse data is exposed for easy access.

What's Changed
- Project version upgrade to '2014.1.407'
- Project Backup creates a .ZIP archive
- Load Testing: FiddlerCore upgrade to v2.4.6.0

What's Fixed:
- Check for Update: not respecting the exact product version notes
- Load Testing: Optimized memory usage of load agents for scenarios with non-data-bound responses
- Load Testing: Capture from existing web test in Load doesn't respect the Base Url in the project settings
- Load Testing: Load capture does not discard browsers' background service traffic
- Load Testing: StatusDescription field contains StatusCode when copying from FiddlerCore
- Load Testing: Response times in load test do not account for timeouts
- Load Testing: Several issues with the load result graph
- Load Testing: Load test spark-lines will show the last value received on the test, even if the test is complete
- Load Testing: Exported HTML load result contains the results of previous executed load tests
- TFS Integration: Loading source-controlled test lists is slow
- TFS Integration: Specific source controlled projects are not opened with the correct source control statuses