Release History

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Test Studio Load 2013.21327

January 26, 2014

What's Fixed:

- Check for Update: Failing to detect the new Functional, Load and Ultimate products
- Load Testing: Unhandled exception trying to import .SAZ file
- Load Testing: Commas in cookies cause faulted users
- Load Testing: Dynamic Targets can not be multi-selected
- Load Testing: Cannot capture same existing web test into a load user profile more than once
- Load Testing: ExtractUriParameters getting out of index exception based on customer data
- Load Testing: Load Test requests add an extra question mark on the end of the url if there are no query parameters 
- Load Testing: Load tests always set KeepAlive to false (new option added to load test design screen) 
- Load Testing: IndexOutOfRangeException exception occurs when running load test scenario 
- Load Testing: Missing step # to error log for the error "Unable to find databound item" 
- Load Testing: Question mark is added to Load URL
- Load Testing: Faulted Users running customers load test
- Project View: Settings - Check for update UI issue with the "notify me on any updates" option
- TFS Integration: Improved workspace detection to avoid error on connecting to TFS
- TFS Integration: Exception related to local and remote path opening TFS project
- TFS Integration: No icon displayed when TFS controlled project does not have latest
- TFS Integration: Missing error in attempt to add project that has "$folder" to TFS