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Test Studio Web & Desktop R1 2023 SP1

March 29, 2023

Test Studio R1 2023 SP1 (v. 2023.1.329)

  • New versions of the Translators for Telerik and Kendo UI components for their R1 2023 and R1 2023 SP1 releases. Added an offset property to click steps.

  • Added an offset property to click steps.

  • Redesigned and improved UI of the Quick Execute section in the test view's ribbon bar.


  • Deserialization will fail when there are 12+ nested test as steps.

  • Missing step info when displaying results for disabled steps.

  • Open PDF step is not recorded after download.

  • Visual Debugger check mark disappears.

  • Finding element may fail when Edge is on the secondary monitor.

  • Check box verification shown for wrong elements in Step Builder.

  • Javascript events that did not propagate to the document element were not recorded.

  • Improved element highlighting in web frames.

  • Test Studio deadlocks when initially uploading project to scheduling server.

  • Test Studio crash while editing a test step.