Release History

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Test Studio Web & Desktop 2017.31010.4

October 9, 2017

What's New

- Web testing: new unified extension for Chrome and Firefox. With this extension Test Studio will support the   upcoming Firefox 57 release.
- Test Studio UI: Ability to flag a test as "In development" state to remove it from test list compilation and execution
- Scheduling: Ability to update scheduled test lists upon test or code file change
- Integration: Custom fields support for Jira integration 

What's Changed
- Rebranding: Telerik Test Studio is now replaced with Progress Test Studio in Program files, Windows start menu. Upon upgrade from old installation, new install keeps using Telerik folder and start menu shortcuts
- We no longer install Firefox recording/execution extensions. The user needs to download the new extension from the Mozila plugins store
- Chrome recording/execution extensions are replaced with new signle extension: Progress Test Studio Extension

What's Fixed

Coded tests: Continuous Integration with VS2015 cannot run coded Test Studio tests 
TFS integration: Wrong credentials used when trying to connect to TFS
Test Studio UI: Crash when header of page specific metrics grid is clicked 
Test Studio UI: API project active in TS Web&Desktop welcome screen if only Web&Desktop license activated
Test Studio UI: Friendly name for new recorded step description 
Test Studio UI: Wrong tooltip text for API projects in welcome view for Web&Desktop
Test Studio UI: Test Studio crashes in specific situation editing code behind of imported unsaved file
Test Studio UI: Delete test with missing code file hang the test studio
Test Studio UI: Delete coded step and code file and Undo operation breaks new code file generation
Test Studio UI: It is possible to add endless cycle of test calling itself in a test as step when using copy/paste 
Scheduling UI: Editing a recurring series swaps between minutes/hours
Results view: Specific aiiresult file does not generate html export
Desktop testing: Regex and relative path with "~" are not working for window names in WPF elements
Web testing: Highlighting is not working in Chrome
Git integration: Initial commit fails if the remote repository is not empty
Git integration: Commit after connecting to Git fails