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Test Studio Web & Desktop 2013.21210

December 9, 2013

What's New:

RunToHere for Chrome, Firefox and Safari recording
New Browser Selection Concept: 
- Selecting preferred browser in Test Studio for recording and playback
- Persisting browser selection
HTML5: Improved action handling and playback for HTML5 specific elements; cross-browser support
- Logging from remote machines
- Indication for successful connection as well as for no storage & connection failures in "Connect to scheduling server"
- Load Testing Web Services
- Capture from any process
- Logging from agents
- Filter capture after completion
- Insert Cookie Step
- Improvements in the Capture Dialog
Frame Handling: Ability to tag frames
Browser Settings UI:
- Preferred Browser Selection
- Calibrate Undo/Restore settings
TeamPulse Integration: 
- Update TeamPulse AC status
- Display the test type in the TP AC dialog
- Link multiple tests to a single AC at once
TFS Integration: Added clear options connecting to Team Foundation Service
Bug Tracking: Ability to connect to Team Foundation Service for bug tracking

What's Fixed:

Browser Settings UI: Calibrate browser doesn't enable cookies in Chrome.
Browser Settings UI: Calibrate Chrome should disable "allow multiple files download" dialog
Browser Settings UI: Calibrate IE Browser does not disable tabbed browsing
Coded Tests: Problem updating namespace on test import related to multiple classes in a code file
Coded Tests: Coded step changes in definition region do not get saved
Coded Tests: Problem saving code files with additional namespace in use
Coded Tests: Convert Visible verification step to code failing with InvalidCastException
Dialog Handling: SaveFile dialog for WPF is not handled 
Dialog Handling: Handle download dialog step fails in IE 10
Dialog Handling: Logon dialog handle sometimes times out in IE 
DOM Explorer: DOM Explorer wrong position
Elements Explorer: Cannot edit and element by existing test step or the 'Used By' contentexual menu item
Elements Explorer: Cannot connect to WPF application using Edit in Live after renaming the window
Elements Explorer: UsedBy does not function correctly for elements in coded steps
Elements Explorer: Intellisense does not update after renaming elements
Execution: Longer failure file names with each new run
Execution Data-Driven: Problem using extracted variable in code in data driven find expression
Execution Logical: Empty "If-Else" step throws null reference exception on execution
Execution Test Lists: Remote execution fails with test as step defined in coded file
Execution Test Lists: Remote execution fails to run test with VB code behind
Execution Test Lists: Dynamic Test Lists with Get Latest from TFS failed to run 
Execution Test Lists: Dynamic Test Lists duplicate runs in case of project backup
Execution Test Lists: Filterless Dynamic test lists don't run
Find Expression Builder: "Edit in Live" tries to locate the element within a wrong Frame
Find Expression Builder: Clearing a value in the Find Element's Find Settings dialog automatically reverts it
Framework: TS installs Newtonsoft.Json.dll in the GAC which breaks customer application
Framework Browsers: GetComputedStyleValue should have a consistent behavior in all browsers
Framework Chrome: Chrome v30 frames failure
Framework Chrome: Chrome v31 fails to deal with https sites
Framework Firefox: Handling Firefox dialogs timeout issues (supporting FF 24 and 25 specifics)
Framework Firefox: Drag drop step fails in FF
Framework Firefox: SimulateRealTyping failing in data bound test on Firefox
Framework Internet Explorer: Cannot perform a click in IE in a specific customer application
Framework WPF: Memory leak in a console application which uses Telerik Testing Framework to automate WPF application
Framework HTML: Ampersand is not decoded in element TextContent or InnerText
Framework: DisableDialogMonitoring is not respected by settings configuration handler
Test Explorer: Copy/paste coded steps to a new test throws NullReference exception
Test Explorer: Test explorer automatically scrolls to bottom when steps are reordered
TFS Integration: It's not possible to resolve conflicts using the tfs tool in Test Studio if you only have VS2012 installed
TFS Integration: Unhandled exception moving test of source control project between folders
TFS Integration: Unable to rename any test in a source control project
TFS Integration: Cannot add project to TFS source control that came from different TFS server
TFS Integration: Hang on save after copy/paste test without first checking it out
TFS Integration: TFS Virtual Directory always reset to default value
Load Testing: Possible unhandled exception during capture of load test
Load Testing: Dynamic target will not be detected in a POST containing a query string
Load Testing: Issue with Gzip and Dynamic Targets (chunked transfer encoding)
Load Testing: Load test stability issues
Manual Test Explorer: Highlighting a step in any manual test makes step difficult to read
Manual Test Explorer: Insert step mixing up the steps
Performance Testing: Counter "templates" disappear when configuring performance tests and scrolling to bottom of a counter
Performance Testing: Link's text in description field on performance results hard to be read
Project View: Adding test with coded steps without the code file does not prompt to look for it
Project View: Opening any test with code will modify 5 others in a customer project
Project View: Unable to open a specific XAML tests due to JsonSerializationException
Recording IE: Exceptions for elements inside a frame in IE11
Recording IE: Intellisense is missing newly recorded objects
Recording IE: IE reports to be ready too early which results in empty DOM
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Recorder is unloaded after signing out of a site
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Actions on HtmlAudio element are not recorded correctly by the recorder
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Click action on the 'X' in the HtmlInputSearch element is not executed correctly
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Typing in HtmlInputUrl element is not recorded
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Right mouse click is recorded as a click
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Edits of the text in the user and password fields of a logon dialogs are not recorded correctly
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Test Studio doesn't record enter text steps for HtmlInputNumber(HTML5)
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Click actions on HtmlInputNumber element are not executed correctly
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Test failure recording elements with ampersand(&) in their TextContent
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Actions recorded on HtmlInputRange element are not being executed correctly
Recording Chrome/Firefox: "Launch new recording browser" under the record button ignores the selected browser and always launches IE
Recording Chrome/Firefox: Scroll to bottom action step scrolls the element to the top
Recording RadControls: Clicking hyperlink is recorded as RadPanelBarItem('RadPanelBar1'): 'Root RadPanelItem1' action -> 'Collapse'
Recording Silverlight: Not recording actions after RunToHere
Recording WPF: Throws exception on machines without TFS/VS
Results View: Timeline view shifts to current week when deleting results from previous week
Results View: Sometimes double clicking on a result doesn't open it properly
Scheduling: Times out with large projects
Scheduling: Remote execution fails when using coded steps referring to assemblies that are in the GAC
Scheduling: Compilation errors executing coded test as steps
Scheduling: Storage Service set to localhost cannot be contacted from remote execution machine
TeamPulse Integration: Load on selecting TP project is missing progress indicator
Test Data Bind: Missing filtering option in Preview of 'Bind test to data source' dialog
Test Explorer: Copy/paste coded steps to a new test throws NullReference exception
Test Lists: Dynamic test lists are not updated immediately changing the custom property of a test
Test View: Property pages help description view is missing
Test View: Data binding of a step is not correctly refreshed after cleared
Test View: Test Studio hangs when edits are made to properties of several tests in recently upgraded project
Test View: Binding a verification from a logical step displays unusable binding dialog
Test View: Cannot change target element of verification after adding to If Else logical block
Test View: Custom step description does not persist if the step has a data source
Test View: Unable to add items to SelectedItems step property used in a ListBox select step
VS Plugin: Implicit TS styles are breaking other plugins' UI
VS Plugin: Builds in VS 2012 take about 10x longer compared to standalone Test Studio
VS Plugin: Renaming a class in a coded step file in VS throws exception
VS Plugin: Object reference not set error after copy/paste of coded step in VS2012
VS Plugin: Exception "Can't create an ElementDescriptor..." is thrown in the VS Plug-in when PrimaryTarget change is cancelled
VS Plugin: Description of new coded steps in VS add confusing character 
VS Plugin: ReuseAppWindow property is missing from VS 2010/2012 test properties
VS Plugin: StoryBoard images and step description are out of sync
VS Plugin: TestSettings files problems with Deployment and Debug Runs
VS 2012: In Test Explorer Test Studio tests are being categorized under "External"
VS 2012: Dark theme makes some buttons hard to find in VS 2012