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Test Studio R3 2023

October 11, 2023

Test Studio R3 2023 (v. 2023.3.1011)

  • Improved field data binding UX – you can do data-driven testing even easier within the test steps. The data binding functionality is now located in the Test Explorer in addition to its traditional place in the Properties pane.

  • ‘Continue on failure’ step setting is persisted when step is being copied.


  • Sometimes comment steps cannot be edited.

  • Cancel button does not discard changes in Settings > Translators.

  • Extensionless browser records popup url as about:blank.

  • Annotation for clicks in chrome extensionless

  • Drag&Drop does not work occasionally using extensionless browsers.

  • TestList editor in Visual Studio shows deleted tests.

  • When downloading small pdf files recorder does not record file extension.

  • DoubleClick executed in coded step fails with Chrome on Windows 10.

  • File path not recorded in RadCloudUpload step.