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Test Studio 2024 Q1

February 20, 2024

Test Studio Q1 2024 (v. 2024.1.219)

  • Additional options for improved communication between Test Studio’s Scheduling-related services.
    Important: Please make sure that all instances of Test Studio, Scheduling Server, Storage Service, Executive Dashboard Service, and Test Studio Runtime used in your scheduling environment are with the same product version.

  • Do not launch application” option added for Desktop tests.

  • Scroll To Element” step added for Desktop tests.

  • Launch process” step added for Desktop tests.

  • Connect to application” step added for Desktop tests.

  • Type Text” step added for Desktop test.

  • Scroll To Element” step added for WPF tests.

  • Connect to application” step added for WPF tests.

  • The “Continue on Failure” step setting is persisted when a step is being copied.

  • Modernized list of emulated devices for responsive tests.

  • Chained find expressions are generated according to the existing “Smart Find Logic” settings. Before this update the root clause was disregarding custom priorities.

  • Data-driven tests do not require OLE DB driver anymore.

  • Projects upgraded to this Test Studio version or created with it will not be backwards compatible with older Test Studio builds. If you wish to downgrade Test Studio’s version, please use the backed-up project.


  • Download dialog errors.

  • WaitForExists does not indicate when elements are found by image.

  • Drag&Drop to target element may not work for Extensionless/Headless Chrome.

  • Steps pane scrolls to bottom of page when executing “Run to Here”.

  • Backspace and arrow key presses recorded in input element.

  • Discarding local changes in a project under source control reverts all changes in the whole project, not individual files.

  • Test list logging option may not be saved in some cases.

  • Some project setting changes may not be saved after save/save all command.

  • RadLegend could not be turned off.

  • Converting to code step for RadGauge for Ajax will create invalid code.

  • The last row in the variables grid will remain visible after deletion in Test Studio for APIs.

  • Test List with data driven test (CSV) will fail when executing in headless browsers.