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Test Studio Express 2013.1911

September 10, 2013

What's New in Test Studio:
Execution Test Lists: Manage Machines has been replaced by a new improved Status for remote execution
Project: Remembers the path to the last created project 
Visual Debugger: Displays the full name of the step in Visual Debugger
Installer: Safari extension is installed internally; removed the annoying Safari popup on install
Command Line Runner: Reports the test result in the console window

What's Fixed in Test Studio:
Browsers Firefox: Specific JS fails in Firefox, not IE or Chrome
Browsers IE: Unable to execute JavaScript functions in FF if the return type is array
Browsers Safari: In a customer application, click step in Safari opens 3 compose windows instead of one
Browsers: Data-driven radio button behavior per browser not consistent
Bug Tracking: Auto-submit option doesn't work
Bug Tracking: Auto-submitted bugs from a failed test list don't have attachments
Bug Tracking: TFS Bugs are logged on behalf of the licensing user instead of the user that was used to connect to the TFS server
Code Generation: Compilation errors after converting to code some types of verification steps
Code Generation: Convert all steps to code generates annoying sample test
Code Generation: Customize GenericSetText Step in Code generates no code
Code Generation: Customize test in code for step with databinding does not generate any code for VerifyIsVisible verification
Code Generation: No text entered in HTML Textbox in a Frame from coded step
Code Generation: NullReference exception is thrown for converting "Verify: DataGridCell text 'Equal' 'xxxxx' to code
Command Line Runner: Misleading error displayed trying to run excluded test
DOM Explorer: Performance in DOM tree explorer is very low if you open it during recording with IE
DOM Explorer: Selecting elements for SL website crashes the browser
DOM Explorer: The host combo box bind in ResolveFailure -> PageDom bind is broken
Elements Explorer: After upgrade some elements cannot be loaded
Elements Explorer: Changes to Silverlight page find expression are not persisted
Elements Explorer: Edit in Live is active for frames
Elements Explorer: Validate doesn't work for silverlight elements
Execution Dialogs: A specific dialog cannot be handled by Firefox
Execution Dialogs: ArtOfTest.Runner crashes when executing upload dialog in Chrome on Windows 8
Execution Dialogs: Update causing applications to display unexpected dialogs that aren't be handled
Execution Silverlight: Wrong coordinates for Relative location verification in Silverlight
Execution Test As Step: Expected failure image is not shown if the failed step is executed as a part of test as step
Execution Test Lists: Test List Runs have been significantly improved
Execution Test Lists: Dynamic test lists calculated slowly in remote runs
Execution Test Lists: Internationalization issues with the Execution Server failing to start
Execution Test Lists: Recycle browser setting for test lists is not working
Execution Test Lists: RunTest Api call doesn't work in remote test list runs
Execution WPF: Failing to detect/handle the RadControls for WPF trial warning
Execution WPF: Issue with performing Click on Radmenu in WPF
Execution WPF: Some steps performing Relative location verification are failing with exception
Execution: RunHelper is causing AOT.Runner to hang
Find Expression Builder: Change element for a SL/WPF element allows selection of HTML elements
Find Expression Builder: The left pane (Suggestions/DOM) cannot be enlarged.
Framework Silverlight Click step recorded against a Silverlight element, doesn't scroll the element to a visible position before performing the click. 
Framework Silverlight: Invoking "ExpandAllHierarchyItems" method on Silverlight grid throws error.
Framework WPF: WPF Memory leak when trying to test modal dialogs.
Framework WPF: WPF Windows duplicate their Content
Framework XAML: TargetInitializationException running framework WPF or SL test
Framework: ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.BrowserType' is obsolete warning
Framework: ConfigurationErrorsException running the framework Sample unit tests in VS2012
Framework: Test Studio does not correctly report IsForegroundWindow
Manual Testing: Cannot paste into the Notes field of manual test
Manual Testing: Captured image for failed manual test list step is missing in results
Manual Testing: It's not possible to rename manual test from inside the test
Manual Testing: The column with Failure Info in the manual test Excel result file contains incorrect data.
Performance Testing: Performance configuration is not saved after copy/paste of test case
Project: "Show in Windows Explorer" option does not work if the test name contains comma 
Project: Project node is dirty after save all
Project: Renaming a test in Project view is case sensitive
Project: Run button from project view is enabled during quick execution
Project: Test Studio crashes if you move a test which is missing physically 
Project: Tests are marked dirty for no apperant reason
Recording IE: Print Screen and Pause do not perform their respective tasks when recording.
Recording IE: recorder bar is missing its shortcut buttons functionality
Recording IE: Scroll Lock - Freeze Mode command does not work
Recording IE: There is no way to activate the Freeze UI in the IE recorder toolbar - it should be clickable
Recording non-IE: Handle logon dialog step is recorded before navigate step when a logon dialog comes right after navigating in JS recorder
Recording non-IE: Recorder is unloaded after navigating to some sites with Firefox 23
Recording non-IE: Recorder is unloaded from Chrome after the user logs into some sites
Recording non-IE: Recording OK in a LogOn dialog as Cancel under Chrome when the Enter key is pressed
Recording WPF: Customer WPF application crashes when our recorder attaches to it
Recording WPF: WPF application crash caused by recorder connecting
Recording: Extract variable problems in recording
Reporting: Incorrect rounding on report view
Results: Reload drops remote executed test results from the results view
Results: Test Studio crashes after you reload results a few times and then open result details
Scheduling: Exception defining recurring run in specific scenario
Step Suggestions: Step suggestions cannot be closed after an Element Explorer refresh
Storyboard: Zoom of image on double click does not work
TeamPulse Integration: Clicking on an acceptance criteria, the old UI of TeamPulse is opened
TeamPulse Integration: Team Pulse credentials window - OK is active even if no credentials are provided
Test As Step: Filters missing in Test-as-step dialog in 2013 R1
Test As Step: Search works only the first time
Test As Step: When tests are filtered, the first test in the list remains also selected, no matter the user selection
Test Explorer: Coded steps do not have an expand button
Test Explorer: Copy/paste loop with multiple content steps misses all but the first step
Test Explorer: Copy/paste of a logical step with steps results in System.ArgumentException runtime
Test Explorer: Element name in step's description is not correct if the element was renamed
Test Explorer: Exception selecting "click to add manual step" after fast forward of manual test
Test Explorer: RunToHere is misleading for non-IE selected browser
Test Explorer: Selection input for selection steps is not updated immediately after you change the value of SelectDropDownType
Test Step Properties: Changing Encrypt property to True breaks your password
Test Step Properties: Changing the friendly name of a frame from the properties panel, doesn't change it in the elements explorer
Test Step Properties: Deleting a step doesn't cleanup the property grid
Test Step Properties: Description of a Data bound step is not changed accordingly when changing option from the properties
Test Step Properties: Desktop click Offset properties cannot be edited
Test Step Properties: EnsureElementsClickable step property for Silverlight steps is obsolete and should be removed
Test Step Properties: SilverlightKeyPressAction.KeyData is missing the custom editor
Test Step Properties: The RunsAgainst property doesn't work for a 'Handle Dialog' step.
Visual Debugger: When a test fail on one of the Assert methods, there is no message in the error log.
VS Plugin: Double click on a test as step doesn't switch to the test in VS 2012
VS Plugin: Exported test with '&' in the name fails to execute in VS 2012
VS Plugin: No elements are displayed in Elements Explorer in VS 2012 Professional
VS Plugin: Test explorer - exception trying to create test as step from context menu
VS Plugin: VS2012: .aii tests are not discovered and displayed in test explorer