Release History

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Test Studio Express 2012.2920

September 19, 2012

What's new in Test Studio Core:
- Ability to automatically configure the supported browser for automation
- Data-driven element find expressions
- A number of improvements in cross-browser support, silverlight, dialog handling, recording, execution, data-binding, bug-tracking, TeamPulse and more.



NEW: Browser Configuration is automated. Exposed Manager.ConfigureBrowser(type, forceShutDown); as well as Manager.GetBrowserConfigurationStatus(type); public methods.

Breaking Changes in the API:

- New: The Chrome extension can handle frames with non html source. [Bug #141195, PITS #9096]
- Fixed manual navigation in the browser may fail to load the page with the extension enabled.
- Fixed test scenario not connecting to popup. [Bug #161542]

- New: SL automation supports in-browser elevated trust applications not only using localhost URL. [Bug #160996, PITS #12044]
- Fixed problems with Silverlight Child Windows set to Right-to-Left flow. [Bug #160886, PITS #12032]
- Fixed clicking at wrong location for RadMenuItem contained in RTL popup. [Bug #163279, PITS #12464]

- Fixed ActiveApplication.Windows not properly updated. [Bug #160884, PITS #12031]
- Fixed "Unable to find the element of type: gridviewcell" error scenarios. [Bug #163525, Bug #162221]

Dialog Handling:
- NEW: Added InitializeTime property for all dialogs handling. This is useful in scenario where the dialog is about to be handled although not initialized yet. [Bug #155350]
- NEW: Added support for FF16 (Beta) dialogs.

[Common (Standalone + VS)]

NEW: Browser Configuration is automated. The interface is exposed into Project -> Settings -> Browsers section.

- New: Added UseLegacySilverlightFindLogic user settings as part of the project. For new projects Test Studio records against the <object> tag instead of its parent. [Bug #158612, PITS #11665]
- Fixed specific application causes IE crash while recording and clicking on navigation link. [Bug #159404, PITS #11797]
- Fixed recording causes unhandled exception in IE 64-bit when entering text. [Bug #160623, PITS #11991]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception during recording when connecting IE 64-bit to a pop up. [Bug #161081]
- Fixed specific customer WPF application hanging on attaching the recorder. [Bug #161500, PITS #12142]
- Fixed incorrect error "Can't find element on page" during recording. [Bug #159351, PITS #11783]
- Fixed recording general property verification against VS 2012's ListBox component causes an unhandled exception. [Bug #160449]
- Fixed Cannot record OnBeforeUnload dialog OK click. [Bug #154561]
- Fixed IE10 on Windows 8 button press that will pop an onbeforeunload/alert dialog is not recorded. [Bug #158677]

- Fixed Silverlight OOB test won't run as part of a TestList. [Bug #159623, PITS #11834]
- Fixed ExecutionExtension.OnInitializeDataSource is not triggered if the test has no data source initially. [Bug #159521, PITS #11818]
- Fixed InheritParentDatasource gets mixed up under a specific setup. [Bug #161860, PITS #12194]
- Fixed Data-driven test with test as steps throws NullReference in .ExecutionContext.get_ActiveDataRows(). [Bug #163481]
- Fixed coded step description is missing in the runner console. [Bug #160183]
- Fixed specific test as step with while loop will throw System.NullReferenceException if you set any auto-pause option. [Bug #160154]
- Fixed Data driven download dialog step error for extracted variable in code and missing DownloadPath value. [Bug #160995]
- Fixed Test fails in FF with error: Document is not ready to retrieve its markup. [Bug #159806, PITS #11861]
- Fixed recorded close browser failure in case of previous action closing the browser instead. [Bug #136964, PITS #8543]
- Fixed unable to connect to popup window in Firefox customer scenario. [Bug #163187, PITS #12441]
- Fixed file upload dialog not being handled at [Bug #160277, PITS #11928]
- Fixed handling of test execution in case of manually removed data source. [Bug #101691]

Data Binding:
- Fixed incorrect syntax error using T-SQL. [Bug #160509, PITS #11969]
- Fixed cannot use EXECUTE or UPDATE commands in T-SQL. [Bug #160889, PITS #12033]
- Fixed unable to set the multiple bound properties of a single step. [Bug #163191, PITS #12444]
- Fixed data binding panel doesn't display the values in some scenarios. [Bug #163241]
- Fixed problems binding test to empty XML file. [Bug #160275, Bug #160276]
- Fixed unable to execute test bound to data column with brackets in the name. [Bug #105934]

Test Explorer:
- New: Changed the scrolling mode to "Deferred". This also addresses a possible performance hit in scrolling. [Bug #162213]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception on pasting string through the clipboard into the steps screen. [Bug #161946]

Code Generation:
- Fixed WPF Image Verification code incorrect. [Bug #159347]

Find Expression Builder:
- NEW: Ability to data-drive element find expressions. [Bug #55952, PITS #5094]
- Fixed problems finding elements in popups. [Bug #116156, Bug #159337, PITS #11778]

Bug Tracking:
- NEW: Bin\Plugins serves as the bug trackers location on the client machine as well.
- Fixed when prompted to populate existing settings, for TP they are not really populated as expected but shown from TP connection dialog instead. [Bug #157153]
- Fixed "Team Pulse Extension: Bug Tracking Setup" window is stuck on loading if wrong server or credentials are provided. [Bug #160746]
- Fixed attach failure details zip file when submitting bug is missing the expected image. [Bug #162403, PITS #12308]
- Fixed custom bug tracker may cause unhandled exception throughout the application (Test Studio and Exploratory). [Bug #159476]

[Visual Studio Plugin]
- Fixed redundant references are added to the settings file upon building the project and execution. [Bug #160701]
- Fixed missing Save/Open Dialogs options. [Bug #160541]

[RadControls for Silverlight/WPF]
- New: Added BusyIndicator control wrapper and translator. [Bug #157563, PITS #11475]
- New: Added PivotGrid control wrappers.
- New: Added PanZoomBar control wrapper.
- New: Added DiagramThumbnail control wrapper and translator.
- New: Added HeatMap control wrappers.
- New in TimeLine: Added TimelineItemGroupControl wrapper.
- Fixed RadComboBox setting text closes the drop down breaking the filtering-as-you-type ability. [Bug #162262]
- Fixed AppointmentElement is not public leading to convert to code error. [Bug #161768]
- Fixed Property 'IsPinned' does not exist on the element possible error. [Bug #162557, PITS #12344]

[KendoUI Support]
- Fixed Grid Filtering Menu Filter button click not being recorded. [Bug #162305, PITS #12295]
- Fixed "Iput" listed twice and misspelled, IE may crash. [Bug #162878, PITS #12379]

[RadControls for AJAX]
- RadPivotGrid: Added support for Drag-Drop functionality.