Release History

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Test Studio Express 2012.1411

April 10, 2012

New in 2012 R1:

 Bug Tracking
- Ability to configure and submit bugs to TFS and TeamPulse. The options to submit bug for failed test include:
    * Test Explorer context menu
    * Step Failure Details
    * Results View
    * Visual Debugger
    * Auto-submit during execution (Test Lists)

Encrypted Passwords
- Added "Encrypt" property for Password EnterText step. Once encrypted the password cannot be decrypted anymore unless the step is recorded again.

Test Explorer - CreateTestAsStep, Drill-down to test as step

Dynamic IDs handled during execution
- BackupSearch (by XPath) is used during execution if the primary search (find expressions) fails. Enabled by default, controlled by the UseBackupSearch step property

AjaxTimeout on HTML actions
- Added AjaxTimeout property for HTML actions to trigger the async requests for MS or jQuery AJAX

Breaking Changes:
- Firefox execution requires enabling the system proxy
- Firefox 3.X is no longer supported