Release History

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Test Studio Express 2011.2928

September 27, 2011

  • HTML5 Support: With R2 Test Studio also adds a number of translators for common HTML5 tags.

    Support for HTML5

  • Run your test against all browsers at once:Users can now concurrently run a test list against all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Support for the latest Firefox v7.0 has also been added. Support for Firefox 7
  • Simplified test execution on remote systems: Test Studio has dramatically simplified recording and execution by no longer requiring administrative privileges on our supported platforms. Remote execution servers can run as non-administrative users, accelerating total execution time by enabling test suites to be run simultaneously across multiple systems.


Enhanced Element Management
  • Test Studio’s enhanced Elements Explorer introduces loads of new features driven from customers’ requests such as real-time search, sorting, filtering of project elements, and the ability to easily move tree elements within the Elements Explorer.

FindExpression UI Improvements
  • We listened to your feedback and ideas, and decided to do a revamp to our Find Expression UI. Get ready for new much more user-friendly UI, as well as additional features to help you automatically generate find expressions on demand and select different elements from the UI directly.

    FindExpression UI