Release History

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Test Studio Express 2011.21117

November 16, 2011

- Firefox 8 support.
- Performance testing improvements and new features.
    - New CompareView.
    - Multi-machine profiling.
- Manual test runner improvements
    - WPF tests support
    - Non-IE browsers support
- Recording:
    - Fixed NavigateTo step not being recorded in some scenarios.
    - Fixed DPI setting highlighting offset.
    - Added new project setting (General - Propmpt for element name before adding). If turned on pops up a dialog for custom element name on adding to the project.
- Execution/ResultView:
    - Added test owner to notify for failing tests. In a large project each test can be associated with specific owner to be report failures to.
- Scheduling:
    - Added support for loading custom assemblies built against .Net 4.0.
    - 'Machine is Hung' error is gone.
- DOM Explorer:
    - Solved the 'Maximum DOM tree depth exceeded' limitation.
- Improved Test Explorer.




- Fixed Frames[name] not loading completely the frame. [BUG #132680]

Dialog Handling:
- Fixed download dialog intermittently times out. [BUG #130958]

- Added support for Firefox 8.

- Fixed missing cookies problem. [BUG #131499]

- Fixed DOM sync problem with Chrome execution. [BUG #133408, PITS #8190]

- Adds FrameworkElement.RenderSize missing property. Fixes RenderSize verification doesn't compile if converted to code. [BUG #127197, PITS #7404]
- Improved the TreeViewItem.Select/Toggle actions scroll to be visible before performing the actual action. [BUG #132122, PITS #8065]
- Fixed ActiveApplication.QuitOnDetach property is disregarded in WPF tests. [BUG #127968, PITS #7520]
- Added SelectItemByIndex/Text() overloads for automatic opening of the drop down. [BUG #76174]
- Exposed Polyline.Points and Geometry.Bounds properties in Silverlight.
- Exposed new FrameworkElement.IsHitTest() (SL/WPF) methods to help indicate whether an element is really visible to the user.

- Fixed test template not compatible with the latest NUnit version. [BUG #125628, PITS #7146]

- Fixed cannot send keys with Shift key held down. [BUG #134624]

[Common (Standalone + VS)]

- Fixed possible unhandled exception on saving tests (could happen if files are locked by another process). [BUG #131520]
- Fixed DataEnabled property will not be automatically updated when binding the test to an external data source. [BUG #132225, PITS 8072]

- Adds test owner to notify for failing tests. In a large project each test can be associated with specific owner to be reported any failures to. [BUG #131510]
- Adds an option to the command line runner to specify the run result file name. [BUG #126721, PITS #7304]
- Fixed playback doesn't work for left handed mouse. [BUG #76885]
- Fixed InheritParentDataSource doesn't respect the parent data if data-driven and data is configured differently.
- Fixed data-binding connect to popup problem. [BUG #132817]
- Fixed unable to load more than one external assembly resulting in FileNotFound exception on executing the coded step using the external assembly. [BUG #133515]

- Fixed Run Selected Steps always turns on recording even it has been turned off explicitly. [BUG #127013]
- Fixed NavigateTo step not being recorded on quick URL type or browser load. [BUG #121639]
- Fixed when DPI setting is other than default of 96, highlighting is offset. [BUG #73184]
- Added new project setting (General - Propmpt for element name before adding). If turned on pops up a dialog for custom element name on adding to the project. [Bug #131574]
- Fixed LoadPage loading the Intro page after the actual one.
- Fixed unable to attach the recorder again if clicked close during loading. [BUG #133052]
- Fixed unhandled exception on closing Test Studio while attaching the recorder. [BUG #134410]

- Fixed page identification doesn't respect the BaseUrl if set. [BUG 120623, PITS #6426]
- Fixed unable to record type text for input type="search" [BUG #128030]
- Fixed recording a click on an <input type=file"> doesn't turn on SimulateRealClick as necessary. [BUG #128881]
- Fixed problem recording drag & drop in custom scenario. [BUG #131453]
- Fixed execution failure within IFrame doesn't capture the entire DOM of the page and just the frame's one. [BUG #116283]
- Fixed coded steps do not respect the Frame BaseURL setting. [BUG #131991, PITS #8053]
- Fixed incorrect passing execution of Html popup test in test list. [BUG #132612]
- Fixed cannot connect to HTML popup in FF,Safari and Chrome if the connection step is in a Test as Step. [BUG #129884, PITS #7832]
- Fixed recording stops working after closing HTML popup in a customer scenario. [BUG #133875, PITS #8251]
- Fixed not recording set text action on html5 email input field. [BUG #135193]
- Fixed HTML popup test passes on his own, but throws exception when used in a test as a step. [BUG #133180]
- Fixed Dialog Handling in Test List execution does not work for FF4/5/6. [BUG #127413]
- Fixed AJAX drop down selection fails under IE9. [BUG #115047]

- ComboBox selection steps contain new 'OpenDropDownBeforeSelection' property -- a item selection step can be configured to open the drop down and select the item at once.
- Exposed XAML ListBox.ItemsCount verification. [BUG #130961]
- Fixed problem recording SandDock custom control actions. [BUG #125215, PITS #7083]
- Exposed SL/WPF "IsEnabled" verification. [BUG #102172]
- Fixed SL checkbox action inside ListBox fails on playback. [BUG #133973, PITS #8267]
- Fixed possible exception on executing WPF tooltip verification. [BUG #130360]
- Fixed RecycleBrowser setting is affecting WPF Test Lists. [BUG #135787]
- Fixed Silverlight error when you execute test case with Safari 5.1. [BUG #136264]

- Adds support for loading custom assemblies built against .Net 4.0.
- Fixed scenario for not generating the Pages file.
- 'Machine is Hung' status will no longer appear.
- Fixed using MultipleBrowserExecution with Scheduling kills the Execution Client process. [BUG #135669]
- Fixed Execution Server service problem running under non-administrator account. [BUG #100263]

Test Explorer:
- Fixed possible unhandled exception highlighting problematic elements. [BUG #129674, PITS #7805]
- Fixed unable to select the last step in certains scenarios.
- Fixed incorrect scrolling of the test explorer after opening the view log dialog.
- Fixed possible unhandled exception on pasting clipboard data. [BUG #131604]
- Fixed losing custom description on undo/redo actions.
- Added row header click of the steps grid marks the row as current item. Adding next step (either by recording or adding manually) respects the current item. [BUG #129282]
- Fixed unable to set 'Record Before Selected' for the first step. [BUG #130195]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception on dragging steps. [BUG #132040]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception on openining the Log View. [BUG #132462]
- Added Edit custom description option in the context menu. [BUG #125031]
- Fixed edit of the SelectedDate field for RadCalendar Select date test step is not working. [BUG #133136]
- Fixed missing context menu if the user clicks below the steps area. [BUG #133069]
- Fixed unhandled exception on cut/delete/paste steps scenario. [BUG #135379]
- Fixed unhandled exception pasting steps between Test Studio instances. [BUG #135467]
- Fixed Cut&Paste of test steps between test cases is working as Copy&Paste. [BUG #135553]

Elements Explorer:
- Fixed 'Validate All Elements' option doesn't notify for problematic elements. [BUG #131619]
- Fixed lost selection on elements refresh. [BUG #122751]
- Fixed incorrect merging of pages issues.
- Fixed elements are not visibile after deleting all and starting to add new ones. [BUG #132343]
- Fixed unhandled exception trying to load an WPF app from the elements explorer. [BUG #133487]
- Fixed simultaneous loading of two different pages from elements may freeze the application. [BUG #134112]
- Fixed unhandled exception on expanding items in the Elements Explorer. [BUG #134698]

Step Suggestions:
- Added step respects the UserSettings (like SimulateReal* settings). [BUG #130909, PITS #7949]

Find Expression Builder:
- Fixed replacing element sets incorrect control type.
- Fixed possible unhandled exception on selecting an element. [BUG #132126]
- Fixed possible unhandled exception on attempt to replace an element. [BUG #132126]
- Fixed unable to see the Validate button unless resizing the window. [BUG #132192]
- Fixed cannot connect to a new page after changing the active element from a different page. [BUG #135821]

DOM Explorer:
- Fixed the "Maximum DOM tree depth exceeded" limitation.

Code Generation:
- Fixed DataBinding popup handler step converted to code does not take into account the DataBound value. [BUG #132817]
- Fixed test containing OnBeforeUnload dialog handler converted to code will not compile. [BUG #134470, PITS #8319]
- Fixed WPF dialog handling in code. [BUG #134288, PITS #8306]

Project Elements Selector:
- Added search/sort/filtering options to the Project Element Selector dialog. [BUG #133261]