Release History

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Test Studio Express 2011.1609

June 8, 2011


- Improved invalid HTML pages parsing.
- Fixed AspNetHost browser doesn't work.
- Fixed AssertAttribute().ExistsNot() doesn't work correctly.

Silverlight & WPF:
- Fixed possible exception in WPF during TypeText playback.
- Fixed failure to load Silverlight apps in non-IE browsers when their source url contains a query string.
- Fixed incorrect element rectangles from IE caused us to fail to attach a recorder to a Silverlight app inside several nested frames.
- Fixed the Silverlight User.TurnMouseWheel ignores delta.
- Fixed XAML Calendar.SelectMonth/Year execution failures.
- Fixed SL/WPF ComboBox.SelectByText failing to find the item.

- Fixed incorrect plugin version displayed in FF add-ons.

- Fixed download path with ( ) characters doesn't replay correctly.
- Added support for detecting Chrome logon dialog.

Unit Testing:
- Fixed incorrect default error message from Assert.IsNull().

[Common (Standalone + VS)]

- Fixed Visual Debugger issue with Rerun for Find Expression updates.
- Fixed FindExpression is not updated when an UpdatePackage is used from the Visual Debugger.
- Fixed RecycleBrowser doesn’t work for mixed Silverlight / HTML test lists.
- Fixed number of steps test log is incorrect in case of Then Else statement.
- Fixed an issue with empty Loop result description after execution.
- Reworked the command line runner exit codes. If the run is processed and all tests pass we return 1, if some test fail we return 0. Negative values mean run is not processed for some reason.
- Fixed misleading error message for some WPF extension exceptions.
- Fixed annotated execution problem for test with desktop command step at the end.

Recording Common:
- Recording "connect to popup" (and "close") now honors RecordingBaseUrl project user setting.
- Fixes adding elements to project incorrectly takes the parent custom control type.
- Fixed recording doesn't function for a specific popup taking long time to load.

- Exposed element is enabled verification.
- Exposed input value verification.
- Exposed a new UsesBaseUrlHost setting letting frames use project's BaseURL setting.
- Added support for IE9 popup download prompts, and waits on multiple termination dialogs.
- Fixed trouble recording and highlighting in specific application based on dynamically generated iframes.
- Added Expected vs. Actual on Html Element IsVisible verification failure.

- Fixed project compile errors due to inability to cast FrameworkElement to objects presenting custom controls via interface type.
- Fixed verify element not visible step fails if element does not exist.
- Fixed virtualizing containers not automating correctly.
- Fixed TypeText does not fire some keyboard events that user programs look for (configurable via a property ‘FireKeyEvents’ for the SetText steps).
- Fixed non-WPF dialog launched with WPF application is not recorded or automated.
- Fixed regression in WaitForNoMotion for Silverlight tests.
- Improved behavior when attempting to record a non-WPF application.

- Tab key press is now recorded.
- Fixed a problem recording RadComboBox popup in SL ChildWindow.
- Fixed DatePicker doesn't support data-binding of SelectedDate verification.

- Added support for verifying tooltips.
- Fixed highlighting elements not in a popup doesn't work right when a popup is open.
- Fixed text recording to handle spaces in typed text.
- No longer record alt, shift, ctrl modifier keys.
- Fixed window state change descriptors cannot be converted to code.
- Stops trying to connect recorder to Win32 dialogs that open immediately when a WPF application is launched.
- Fixes identification of specific dialogs during recording and execution.

Test Scheduling:
- Fixed scheduled test list execution causing Execution Server application crash.
- No longer copies the "TestResults" folder (VS results) on running scheduled tests.
- Fixed LogReader application reverts to the first page when resized on the Y-axis.

Test Explorer:
- Auto scroll to newly added/recorded/pasted step if needed.
- Fixed inline editor not updated on changing step role.
- Fixed changing the method name of a coded step moves step to the bottom of the test list. The step order respects the active/selected step now.
- Fixed step not deleted on Del press after marking it to “Continue on Failure”.
- Fixed failed step shown as not run when logical operators present in test.
- Fixed custom description not preserved after Cut/Copy to Paste operation.
- Fixed editing custom description doesn't open the correct context menu issue.
- Fixed "Object reference not set" error on attempt to browse for element to set to an empty SecondaryTarget step property.
- Fixed incorrect cut/copy/paste step if in the edit mode.
- Fixed DataDriven result incorrectly markes failed iteration not run steps as passed.
- Fixed cut and paste of step from one test to another does nothing.
- Fixed inline editor doesn't display an input for a character property (like RadMaskedInput masking character).
- Clear cut items from the clipboard on Esc press.

Find Expression UI:
- Enabled loading the DOM explorer in disconnected mode, enables DOM tree nodes selection as well.
- Fixed incorrect browser refresh when the user connects to an existing browser.
- Fixed unable to edit find expression for specific elements in Silverlight.

Elements Explorer:
- Added a "Rename" option to the elements explorer context menu.
- Added an "Used By" element context menu option. The open Test Step Selector also navigates to the test and selects the step of choice.

DOM/VisualTree Explorer:
- Fixed too deep element tree causing IE crash on locating the node in the visual tree (unfortunately we hit a WPF 3.5 limitation). Instead we display an error if we won't be able to expand to that node.
- Fixed node right-click doesn’t select the node.

Test Step Selector
- Fixed exception on double-click of “Independent element”.

Code Generation:
- Added CodeGen support for image verification.
- Added CodeGen support for comment steps.
- Fixed disabled steps are converted to enabled coded lines.
- Fixed project compiling error when the friendly name of an element contains spaces or starts with a number.
- Fixed requirement to reference System.Windows.Forms in order to write coded steps against Browser.Window.
- Fixed compilation error about undefined Pages upon adding a coed step in a brand new project.
- Fixed incorrect WPF code generation to "LaunchNewBrowser" instead of "LaunchNewApplication".
- Fixed databound "Verify checked state" (HTML) step becomes non-databound when converted to code.

- Removed the acceptance criteria list size limitation.


Introducing automatic project save option if an unhandled exception occurs.

Project View:
- Added ability to drag&drop of folder and test nodes across the tree.
- Added multi-selection of nodes in the project tree.
- Fixed adding existing test from the project folder claims the folder already contains that test.
- Fixed right click new node does not clear the selection of the previous.
- Fixed TFS get latest after switching projects causes exception.
- Fixed data-binding scenario with Excel spreadsheet doesn’t read the data.
- Fixed project settings script options references point to old assemblies.
- Fixed unable to Save changes in file after operations with code behind and project rename scenario.
- Fixed renaming test doesn't change the Path in the properties.
- Fixed exception on adding a new test in the name contains special characters.
- Fixed exception after switching between TFS project and adding new test in a normal project.
- Fixed exception in Add new project dialog if the name contains invalid file name characters.
- Clear cut items from the clipboard on Esc press.
- Fixed folder copy/paste via keyboard and context menu doesn't display the test node.
- Fixed pressing enter on newly add test while in edit mode opens the Add New Test dialog again.
- Fixed exceptions creating/renaming test/folder in case of a too long path.

TestLists View:
- Fixed changes in TestLists always lead to save prompts when closing Test Studio.
- Fixed filtering dynamic test list tests by Owner not working.

Results View:
- Adds ability to filter results by the result type (passed/failed/notrun).
- ResultViewer Application: Enables StepFailureDebug functionality for locally failed results.
- Fixed a Navigate forward problem skipping logical steps.

Source Control:
- Fixed Revert does not reload the test.

Export to VS:
- Fixed exception exporting to VS 2010 if MSBuild 4.0 is not installed.

[VS Plug-In]

- Fixed a problem loading a data-bound test after excluding the Data folder from the project.
- Fixed changes in code does not update the test steps.
- Fixed a problem with the licensing wizard not being displayed over VS.
- Fixed possible duplicated tests in the AddTestAsStep Dialog.
- Fixed browser chooser lists types of browsers that aren't actually installed.
- Fixed COMException on converting a step to code during debugging.
- Fixed incorrectly renaming code-behind file when a test is moved within a project.
- Fixed a blank preview code after loading a project scenario.
- Fixed issue upgrading tests from WebAii Design Canvas 2.0.

[RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Wrappers]
- Added RadXmlHttpPanel control wrappers.
- Fixed RadGrid TableView.DataItems returns wrong count in FF and Chrome in some scenarios with client-binding.

[RadControls for XAML Wrappers]
- Added TimeBar control wrappers.
- Added RadNumericUpDown control wrapper for WPF.
- Added RadColorPicker for WPF control wrappers.
- Fixed RadTreeViewItem.Expand/Collapse doesn't refresh the parent TreeView.
- Exposed more RadExpander properties - Horizontal/VerticalHeaderAlignment, ClickMode, ExpandDirection.

[RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Translators]
- Added RadXmlHttpPanel control translators.
- Added the common HTML verifications next to the RadControls specific quick tasks list.
- Fixed problem changing the primary target for RadControls steps.
- Fixed step description not getting updated on element name change.
- RadGrid:
    - Fixed drag to reorder action does not work for autogenerated columns in some scenarios.
    - Fixed Drag&Drop action does not display the dragged items' indexes.
- Fixed typing into RadEditor on intervals adds new test steps during recording.
- Fixed TreeList DataCell translator should not intercept typing in the insert fields when edit mode is "InPlace".
[RadControls for XAML Translators]
- Added the common XAML verifications next to the RadControls specific quick tasks.
- Added new Chart translators: SeriesStepLine, SeriesStepArea, SeriesRangeBar, SeriesHorizontalRange.
- Added RadNumericUpDown control translator for WPF.
- Added RadColorPicker translators for WPF.
- Fixed backward compatibility playback failure for Visibility verifications.
- Fixed ComboBox ItemCount verification failure.
- Exposed more Expander verifications via the Verification Builder - Horizontal/VerticalHeaderAlignment, ClickMode, ExpandDirection.